Johnson celebrated a big birthday in lockdown

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There are increasing allegations of corona violations against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. © Kirsty O’connor / PA Wire / dpa / archive image

Another report on British Prime Minister Johnson’s lockdown party. This time it’s a birthday party.

London – cake, happy birthday singing and 30 guests: According to a report by the television broadcaster ITV, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have celebrated his birthday in a larger group in the middle of the lockdown.

Johnson’s wife Carrie organized a surprise party for the Prime Minister in the Cabinet meeting room at Downing Street, the report said. Up to 30 guests were present at the alleged celebration on the afternoon of June 19, 2020, including mainly employees, but also the designer Lulu Lytle, who renovated the Johnsons’ official apartment for a lot of money at the time. According to the report, Carrie Johnson then started singing the song “Happy Birthday”. Later, several family members were at the Johnsons’ home for a private party.

Investigating the “Partygate”

A government spokeswoman did not dispute the report of the afternoon party, according to ITV, but described the event as a brief meeting of staff following a briefing to congratulate the PM. Johnson was there for less than ten minutes. The spokeswoman rejected the report about guests in the official apartment as “completely untrue”. Johnson only received a small group of family members outdoors.

Johnson has come under heavy pressure over the “Partygate” scandal surrounding countless lockdown parties at the seat of government. The result of an internal investigation by senior official Sue Gray is expected later this week. Several MPs from his own party have already turned their backs on him and are reportedly planning a vote of no confidence in their party leader. dpa

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