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Biden calls a summit to try to stop the advance of populism in Latin America

Given the polarization that lives Latin America between the advance of the Bolivarian ideology and the populism of the left and right, the White House has decided to bring together the democratic leaders of the continent in a special edition of the Summit of the Americas which will take place in June in Los Angeles and in which Joe Biden, after more than a year in power, will formulate a policy towards the continent, after having focused on controlling the pandemic and the growing tensions with Russia.

The United States evacuates the relatives of diplomats in Ukraine due to the Russian threat

Faced with an imminent Russian invasion, Washington ordered relatives of US diplomatic personnel in Ukraine on Sunday night to leave the country immediately. Only diplomatic personnel remain in the country, but sources from the State Department said on Sunday that non-essential personnel are likely to be evacuated from there in the coming hours.

Chaos and political uncertainty before the election of the president of Italy

Chaos prevails in Italian politics in the open race to the Quirinal Palace. In a few hours, on Monday afternoon, the first voting begins in a joint session of the Congress and the Senate, to designate the successor of Sergio Mattarella, who ends his seven-year term as President of the Republic on February 3. The voters are 1009 (630 deputies, 315 senators and 58 regional delegates). Never in recent decades has the election of the Head of State been surrounded by so much uncertainty and expectation, because the fate of the Government of Mario Draghi, at a particularly delicate moment for the immediate future of the country, due to the Covid emergency and the management of the Reconstruction plan, with investments of more than 200,000 million euros until 2026.

The alleged puppet president that Putin wanted to impose on Ukraine denies the plot

“We have information indicating that the Russian government is seeking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev while it considers whether to invade and occupy Ukraine. Former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Murayev is being considered as a possible candidate. With these words begins the official statement made public by the British Foreign Office in which it accuses Russia to try to establish a puppet government in Ukraine and whose head would already have a name, that of this former parliamentarian who is also the owner of a television channel and who ran for president of Ukraine in 2019, although he later withdrew.

Civil organizations show more interest in the recall than Guaidó’s opposition

Civil society for the most part has taken an important step to revoke Nicolás Maduro this year of the Presidency, in a process in which the National Electoral Council (CNE), an institution complacent with the Chavista regime, has the last word.

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