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Coronavirus: WHO warns that after Ómicron it is “plausible” that the pandemic will end in Europe

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus, from which 60% of Europeans could be infected before March according to WHO estimates, has given way to a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in the region and could hasten your end, considered this Sunday the director of the WHO for Europe.

The Wuhan laboratory created eight viruses, two highly infectious for humans

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, marked by the closure of Wuhan on that fateful January 23, 2020 that changed our lives, the mystery about the coronavirus continues

. Not only about its origin, but also about the supposed intermediate animal in which a bat coronavirus is suspected to have mutated to infect humans.

More than 50,000 people demonstrate in Brussels against the restrictions

A new demonstration against sanitary measures took place this Sunday in the European quarter of Brussels. On this occasion, more than 50,000 people have gathered according to the cry of “freedom”, summoned by more than 600 organizations, including the World Movement for Freedom and the Europeans United for Freedom. The disturbances began in the surroundings of Plaza Schuman and Calle de la Ley. two fire trucks, the police pushed the rioters towards the Cinquantenaire Park, where the demonstrators gave their speeches under the Arc de Triomphe. At around 3 p.m., the police demanded that the demonstration be broken up and threatened the reticent with administrative arrests as well as the use of tear gas. Thus began the violent incidents which caused damage to some cars and buildings in the European quarter.

More fear of Covid than tobacco smoke

Raúl has no doubt that he caught Covid on the terrace of a bar. It was the month of May, they had just lifted the curfew in the capital and Barça was playing against Atlético de Madrid. The plan seemed perfect: eat with his friends, watch the game and enjoy the afternoon without worrying about the time he got home. The days passed and on Tuesday the message arrived that twisted all his plans: “I have tested positive”. And it would not be the first, on Thursday of that same week the 12 who attended the meal had already ‘fallen’.

the judgment of the century

If the lawsuit against the tobacco companies in the mid-1990s ended with five manufacturers being sentenced to pay compensation in installments of 240,000 million dollars, US courts are now facing another lawsuit in which thousands of plaintiffs are demanding that the Sackler family face their civil and criminal liabilities for the marketing of OxyContin, produced by Purdue Pharma, a drug that has caused hundreds of thousands of victims and the addiction of millions of people.

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