Microcensus 2022 collects data from Germans – focus on housing

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Microcensus 2022 collects data from Germans – focus on housing © Marc Müller

How do people live in Germany? Information on this is provided by the 2022 microcensus of the Federal Statistical Office, which has now started.

Wiesbaden – The corona pandemic also affects the survey, as the authority announced on Monday. Personal on-site interviews are only held in exceptional cases. For the most part, the survey takes place by telephone, online or with paper questionnaires.

A total of around 810,000 people in around 370,000 households are randomly selected and interviewed. This corresponds to around one percent of the population, it said. Representing everyone, they provide information on topics such as school and studies, training and further education, career and job search, income and living conditions, childcare, internet use and housing situation. This year – like every four years – in-depth questions about living will be asked. The data from the survey provide information about the home ownership rate or the average rent burden of households in Germany.

“The data from the microcensus form an important basis for political decisions that affect the lives of many people,” said Georg Thiel, President of the Federal Statistical Office. The data collected is relevant, for example, for adjustments to parental or housing benefits or pensions. According to the information, the results are included, among other things, in the poverty and wealth reports of the federal government and the federal states as well as in the children and youth report of the federal government. (dpa)


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