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Questions of guilt are central to the stories of Agatha Christie. However, more in the sense of: was it the gardener or was it Professor Plum with the candlestick in the library? The stories are rather unsuitable for moral questions of principle, they belong to the category of light entertainment, like the remake of the classic “Death on the Nile”, which is scheduled to start in Germany in February. In addition to the English Shakespeare expert Kenneth Branagh, who plays and directed the Belgian master detective Hercule Poirot, you can see Gal Gadot, who became a world star as “Wonder Woman”. And Armie Hammer.

With the latter, the German cinema audience probably needs a helping hand, because Hammer has acted in many films that have attracted remarkably few viewers. After playing both Winklevoss twins in the hugely successful The Social Network, he took on the title role in 2013’s flop, Lone Ranger, and 2015’s disappointment, Codename UNCLE It wasn’t talent or skill. Hammer then starred convincingly in the drama Call Me by Your Name.

However, Armie Hammer became really famous when a former lover made intimate chats and violent allegations of abuse public via an Instagram account. Other women have confirmed the allegations, and the Los Angeles district attorney has not yet decided whether charges will be brought against Hammer. However, other actors have been removed from productions and films in recent years for less.

Kevin Spacey was written out of House of Cards before he was charged. Ridley Scott re-shot all of Spacey’s scenes for All the Money in the World, starring Christopher Plummer. The director didn’t even bother to question whether Spacey was guilty, wanting to prevent damage to his multi-million dollar production and to protect it from only reporting the lead actor’s sexual assault.

It was similar when comedian Tig Notaro subsequently replaced co-star Chris D’Elia in front of a green screen in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead last year. A few weeks ago, actor Chris Noth (“Mr. Big”) was cut from the finale of the sequel to “Sex and the City”, also because of abuse allegations. However, both had supporting roles. In the case of “Death on the Nile” it would have been complicated, it is a chamber play with a large cast, Hammer played a leading role. It was shot before the allegations were made against him, and the film has been on hold for about as long as the last Bond.

The trailers are now running in cinemas worldwide, Hammer can be seen in them and is also named in the cast. The pandemic was one of the studio’s explanations for the eternal postponement, but above all they probably wanted to wait until the allegations against Armie Hammer had cooled down a bit. His career will still be damaged. He has already had to cancel two major projects. It has nothing to do with talent and ability. But obviously not with morality either.

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