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He was born with the vocation of a bullfighter and with the soul of a singer. When he had already dedicated a large part of his short life -he is 25 years old- to the hems and the cape, Juan Carlos Berrocal He decided to leave that world behind, disappointed with what he has described as “mercenaries of dreams”. It was not easy at all. Withdrawn in his thoughts one afternoon while in his room the song ‘Life is still the same’ sounded with which his admired Julio Iglesias made himself known and thought of following in his footsteps. This is how his career in music arrived in 2021 with ‘Morir de Gana’ and now he is consolidated with his new single ‘Once y dos’, in which he sings again to heartbreak -as he likes- with an experience he lived in his own meat, as he tells in a talk with ABC.

Judging by his lyrics, it seems that he has had a bad time in love, is that right?

Who has not had stories of love and lack of love, what happens is that more is written about heartbreak. It’s not that I’ve been a Latin lover, I’m 25 years old, but I’ve had my wanderings and the way I express it is like that.

Is it very romantic?

Yes. Above all, I like to preserve the song that our grandparents and parents have heard years ago and that today is more in disuse. I think that life without love would not be funny. Without women in the stands, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for us bullfighters to dress up in lights and risk our lives, and the same in music. The man is lame without them.

Why did you leave the capote and the hems?

I was disappointed by the mercenaries of dreams, which is how I have called people who play with the illusions and life efforts of a kid who, at just 13 years old, began to fight. I was not in the business of risking my life so that others would earn money at my expense or play with my dreams.

Aren’t you considering going back?

Not professionally. I am a person who does not see the greys, or white or black. It would be absurd and audacity on my part to dedicate myself to two professions that you have to be 24 hours a day in thought and soul to their development.

Your family will be calmer since you left him

For sure. My whole family has breathed a lot, although I have to say that I am lucky that they have always supported me in everything.

It is curious how in the world of bullfighting there are many who are dedicated to music: Jesulín, Enrique Ponce…

Jesulín had a funny flirtation with the music (laughs). In the case of Ponce, I have a close relationship with him. He saw me grow up on a farm and it’s true that he likes to sing. We have gotten together a few times and we have been humming and sharing certain things together.

How has it been received by your peers?

I have not seen Maestro Enrique Ponce in person since 2018, but without a doubt I have the support of many people from the world of bullfighting who are friends.

What imposes more, a ring or a stage?

In the square you risk your life but you don’t go with that mentality. For me they are two artistic creations and, whenever you expose yourself to an audience, there is an incredible responsibility.

Is he superstitious as a good bullfighter?

Now that I’ve left it, I consider them as mental weaknesses or as little things that you hold on to because you risk your life. But I respect them and in fact I have many pet peeves.

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