NATO moves more military to Eastern Europe

MSeveral NATO member states have announced that they will send additional warships and combat aircraft to Eastern Europe. The alliance announced this on Monday morning. Accordingly, Denmark is sending a frigate to the Baltic Sea and four F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania to strengthen air surveillance on the border with Russia. An undisclosed number of Spanish ships set sail to join the Alliance’s standing maritime formations. In addition, Madrid is considering moving fighter jets to Bulgaria, it said.

France has declared its willingness to send troops to Romania and place them under NATO command. The Netherlands also wants to send two F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria, but only from April. They are also intended to complement the Alliance’s airspace surveillance.

German Armed Forces in Baltic States

According to NATO, the United States is also considering increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe. The alliance did not provide any further information. The New York Times previously reported, President Joe Biden is considering moving thousands of US troops, warships and warplanes in response to the threat of Russia invading Ukraine.

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The American newspaper, citing an unnamed government source, reported that senior Pentagon officials presented various options to Biden at Camp David, the president’s official country residence, over the weekend that would envisage the relocation of 1,000 to 5,000 US soldiers. In the event of a further deterioration in the security situation, the number could be increased to up to 50,000 soldiers.

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