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Federal states are rationing PCR tests. Only medical staff and high-risk patients should have access in the event of bottlenecks. The federal and state governments want to stick to the current contact restrictions. However, perspectives should be developed. The countries are calling for preparations for further measures if there is a risk of the health system being overburdened. At major events, they want to ensure uniformity. There should always be more ghost games in the Bundesliga. Go to Article

Steinmeier calls on the “quiet center” to become louder. The citizenry should not be silent about hate and violence in times of the pandemic, says the Federal President, they have to do something to counter “the hostile slogans”. Go to Article

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Ratzinger corrects wrong statement and rejects guilt. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. contradicts his own representation in the statement on the Munich abuse report. He makes it clear: as archbishop of Munich and Freising he took part in a crucial ordinariate meeting that dealt with the admission of priest Peter H. from the diocese of Essen. This had already been noticed as an abuser, later he committed further assaults. The misrepresentation was “not done out of bad faith,” said his private secretary. In the session, no decision was made about a pastoral assignment by the priest. Go to Article

125 church workers come out as queer. Among them are priests, community and pastoral officers, religion teachers, but also employees from the church administration. You risk your job by coming out. In a joint manifesto, they call for an end to their discrimination. Go to Article

Suspected gunman shoots a woman and himself in Heidelberg. During a lecture in a university lecture hall, the man fired a gun and injured four people, some seriously. A victim dies. The police rule out that there are other perpetrators. Go to Article

Cracks in the West’s united front towards Russia. The EU wants to demonstrate unity, but that may not be as far off as the surprise in Brussels at the recent solitary decision by the US shows. The United States wants to withdraw family members of the staff from the embassy in Ukraine. The EU foreign policy chief warns against “dramatizing” the situation. Go to Article

Assange has the right to appeal the extradition dispute. For months, the US has been fighting to extradite the Wikileaks founder and want to put him on trial for alleged espionage. Now the dispute continues before the highest British court. Assange’s loved ones are worried about his mental and physical well-being. Go to Article

AfD leader Chrupalla wants a CDU member as a candidate in the federal presidential election. Max Otte could possibly also be set up against AfD internal resistance. The leader of the Union of Values ​​is said to have signaled his willingness. According to SZ information, the camp of Noch-Co-boss Meuthen, which is moderate by AfD standards, is storming the personnel. In circles on the federal executive board, the proposal is described as a “toxic personality” that could split the party, which is already torn apart, even more deeply. Go to Article

The federal government stops promotional loans for energy-efficient buildings. From now on, builders will no longer receive any money from KfW for economical houses. Federal grants have been exhausted. There was a “run” on the program, and applications totaling more than 20 billion euros in funding had been received since November. There is not enough money for that either. Anyone who has not yet received a commitment from KfW will have to wait and, if in doubt, will get nothing. Economics Minister Habeck now wants to reorganize the whole system. Go to Article

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Marco Buschmann, Minister for the Sunset. The FDP Minister of Justice shows that he advocates compulsory vaccination from the age of 50. Hendrik Wüst, his counterpart from the CDU, is on shaky ground. Go to Article

Why Putin is afraid of colors. Of course, Vladimir Putin does not want a Soviet Union back that is economically inferior to the West. And yet, influence in Russia’s neighboring countries has been eroding for decades. It is this development that the Kremlin wants to reverse. Go to Article

A completely amazing film. Matti Geschonneck shows the breakfast discussion on the genocide of the Jews on ZDF: “The Wannsee Conference” is a quiet, poisonous, captivating masterpiece. Go to Article

Last but not least

The master models again. Kanye West is now styling his new girlfriend Julia Fox according to his ideas. A language of love, he claims. But what does this double denim partner look, reminiscent of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears of all things, want to tell us? Go to Article

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