“Numbers probably still full of duplicates”: Thick air between Vienna and the federal government

This is based on an internal letter that is available to the APA. AGES is quoted as saying that the “cleaning process” should only be completed on Tuesday at the earliest. The numbers are “probably” still “full of duplicates”. Vienna is upset about the breakdowns. City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) writes of a “significant security risk”. Specifically, in a letter that was first quoted in “Vienna Today” and is also available to the APA, he personally addressed Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens). Hacker finds it “incredible” to have by far the worst current overview of the situation in Vienna since the beginning of the pandemic.

He also writes that the delivery of data, which is so important for coordinated reporting between the federal and state governments, is increasingly delayed every day, so that elementary processes of medical crisis management, such as the creation of an up-to-date picture of the situation, can only take place with a delay.

Hacker: “Timely analyzes are crucial”

Very timely analyzes are crucial, writes Hacker, especially when dealing with the omicron variant, which is now dominating the infection process and is spreading extremely quickly. The city council reports that even before the current breakdown, the data from the EMS (Electronic Reporting System) was often transmitted with an enormous delay. This situation fuels skepticism and resentment among the population.

Hacker also points out practical problems. If the EMS does not work, the competent state authority will not receive any information about the person who has tested positive, which means that the authorities cannot separate them. The creation of the recovery certificate is also not possible without adequate functionality of the EMS.

Finally, the city council calls on the minister to communicate transparently and openly about the current problems and steps towards the EMS, and to quickly ensure the stability of the system. At least publicly, Mückstein did not want to answer the city council.

FP: “Bumbling and dilettantism”

FPÖ health spokesman Gerhard Kaniak gratefully accepted the dispute. In a broadcast, he saw the free “fear” confirmed that the data collection of the Covid infections and the processing of the same did not reflect the actual situation. The fact that such chaos is still taking place after two years of the pandemic “can only be described as bungling and amateurism”. It is thus quickly explained that contact tracing of the sources of infection can no longer function from a purely technical point of view.


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