Official investigation into allegations of discrimination ordered

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Boris Johnson: Order of official investigation into allegations of discrimination © Peter Byrne / dpa

After allegations of discrimination against his government, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is under massive pressure, has made another U-turn.

LONDON – On Monday morning he ordered an official inquiry into allegations by ex-Secretary of State Nusrat Ghani, who says she lost her post two years ago because of her Muslim faith. Earlier, Downing Street referred to the party’s official grievance processes and declined to be further involved in the case. However, Government Ministers Nadhim Zahawi and Sajid Javid both spoke out in favor of an official investigation on Sunday.

The about-face is further evidence of how much pressure Premier Johnson is under and how divided his party is at the moment. London is eagerly awaiting the official inquiry into lockdown parties at Downing Street this week. Depending on the results, Johnson could then face a vote of no confidence. (dpa)

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