Restriction of US personnel for Kiev “excessive caution”

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Restriction of US personnel for Kiev “exaggerated caution” © Alexei Alexandrov/dpa

Ukraine has described the reduction in US embassy staff in Kiev as “excessive caution” by the United States.

Kiev – “We consider such a step by the American side to be premature,” the Foreign Ministry said on Monday in the capital Kiev. The security situation has “not changed fundamentally”. Recently, there had been new serious tensions in the Ukraine conflict. The threat from Russia has been constant since 2014, the Foreign Ministry said. Russian troops near the state border had already deployed in April 2021.

In view of the tense situation, the US government is reducing its embassy presence in Kiev. Family members of diplomats have been asked to leave Ukraine. The US State Department spoke of a voluntary departure of employees who are not immediately needed.

With a massive Russian troop build-up near the border with Ukraine, there are fears in the West that the Kremlin may be planning an invasion of the neighboring country. Moscow rejects this and demands security guarantees from the USA and NATO. (dpa)

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