Road blockade: 24 climate activists in custody

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The climate activists in Berlin are calling for less food waste, among other things. © Paul Zinken/dpa

Free travel – not in Berlin. Striking climate activists had to be taken off the streets by officials. There were also a few familiar faces among those involved.

Berlin – Around two dozen climate protection groups temporarily blocked streets in Berlin on Monday. The ramps to the A103 motorway in Steglitz and the A114 in Pankow were affected.

The police stepped in and pulled activists away from the road. A police spokeswoman said that a total of 24 participants were temporarily taken into custody for ignoring space references.

For less food waste

Behind them are some of the activists who went on hunger strike for weeks just before the federal elections last year. Now they are demanding a law against food waste and decisions for more sustainable agriculture from the federal government.

The reason: In Germany, around 18 million tons of food are thrown away every year, which unnecessarily causes 22 million tons of carbon dioxide. Those emissions could easily be reduced, the group, which calls itself the Last Generation Insurgency, said. Those involved in the blockades carried banners with the inscription “Save food – save lives.” Spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs said: “This is just the beginning. We will be back.” According to the police, the activists temporarily arrested in Berlin could be reported for dangerous interference in road traffic.

That’s what the politicians say

The Green politician Renate Künast showed understanding for the goals of the climate protectors, but not for the blockades. “Talking to each other is better than blocking,” said the former Federal Minister of Agriculture in Berlin. She promised the Greens would “reduce food waste in an industry-specific manner” and make it easier for retailers to donate food. It is important not to produce such large quantities that they cannot be sold at all.

With their hunger strike, two young activists had reached a public conversation with the then chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (SPD) about the climate crisis. The meeting took place in November. dpa

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