Senior Council “deeply disappointed” after meeting with Mckstein

The conversation was “deeply disappointing” and ended “empty,” said President Peter Kostelka (SP) after the meeting. They parted “without any solution”. The meeting was also “deeply disappointing” for his VP colleague Ingrid Korosec. Mckstein referred to measures already taken for senior citizens.

Both Kostelka and Korosec regretted to the APA that neither the cost-of-living compensation nor the issue of care had been supported by the Minister of Social Affairs. The President of the VP Senior Citizens’ Association finds it “a great pity” that Mckstein “obviously does not have an open ear for the concerns of the older generation. I understand that combating the corona pandemic is demanding – but a minister must also look forward to more than one thing at the same time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Wolfgang Mckstein,” Korosec said angrily. For her it’s “bad enough” that Mckstein “doesn’t take the initiative himself, but he doesn’t even accept constructive suggestions when I serve them to him on a silver platter”. And further: “Mckstein seems to prefer to watch when the house is on fire than to reach for the fire extinguisher.”

Mckstein referred to measures that had been decided

The two senior council presidents urged the minister to take concrete steps towards the long-announced care reform. And in terms of increased inflation, they demanded an inflation adjustment. Both Kostelka and Korosec proposed a reduction in VAT on the most important sources of energy and on important staple foods. In addition, the President of the SP Pensioners’ Association pleaded for improvements to the pension adjustment in 2022, a “Hundred” to secure purchasing power and a “winter subsidy” of 300 euros for pensioners with low incomes.

Mckstein, on the other hand, referred to the measures that had already been decided. In the pension adjustment, there was an extra-curricular increase of 3 percent for small pensions to compensate for inflation of 1.8 percent, and the currently high inflation will be taken into account in the adjustment for 2023, the Minister of Social Affairs confirmed in a statement to the APA. Furthermore, there will be a cost-of-living compensation for socially disadvantaged people of 150 euros from March and the tax reform will lead to an increase in the tax credit for pensioners, which means a relief of up to 250 euros per year.

And in terms of care, the minister referred to ongoing discussions with the federal states. 50 million euros are planned annually in the budget for training in the nursing sector. Further steps are being worked out.

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