Söder dissatisfied with the federal-state meeting on Corona

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CSU chairman Markus Söder gives a press conference at party headquarters after a meeting of the CSU board. © Sven Hoppe/dpa

Don’t tighten it up, but don’t relax it either: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder calls the latest Corona round “unsatisfactory”. The inadequate PCR test situation caused astonishment and annoyance.

After the top meeting of the federal and state governments on the corona pandemic, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder expressed his dissatisfaction. It “was unsatisfactory because we only postponed it again,” he said on Monday evening in the ARD “Tagesthemen”.

His question was weeks ago: “What do we have to change now?” Since the omicron variant that is now predominant is apparently less aggressive and also milder in course than earlier corona variants, it is no longer appropriate, as it was last year, “with To solve everything,” said the CSU chairman. “We have to think of a smarter way.”

Söder: “We were surprised and annoyed”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and the prime ministers of the federal states had decided not to tighten the previous measures, but not to relax them either.

Due to the skyrocketing number of infections, the current capacities for the particularly precise PCR tests are no longer sufficient. The federal and state governments have therefore agreed to focus their use on people from corona risk groups and employees who care for and treat them – in clinics, nursing homes and facilities for people with disabilities.

Certified rapid antigen tests should be sufficient for free testing from contact person quarantine or infected isolation, but they are considered less reliable.

Söder said it was not satisfactory that there were not enough PCR test capacities. “We were surprised and annoyed,” said Söder. The prioritization that has now been decided means that from this point onwards “we have no idea how high the number of infections really is”. dpa


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