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Exclusive, high-quality images of organic, natural-looking textures… generated from algorithms. That is the proposal of Aitister, a Valencian company that has developed software for explore in depth all the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in this field, such as the ability to create an unlimited number of images.

“We founded the company in 2020, during the pandemic, when we were locked up at home. But nevertheless, marketing began in October 2021», recalls the company’s chief executive, Alexander Martin. Although there are other platforms capable of generating images through algorithms, not only are none of them so specialized, but Aitister differs from the rest in terms of size and quality.

Image banks depend on the quality of the designers and photographers who share them there, and in that case, the maximum resolution of the image that is being shared is 4k and 8k. For its part, Aitister plans to release images with up to 16k capacity next month. And although they are differentiating qualities, what really distinguishes this startup is that their designs are totally exclusive. “Each image in our software is unique and we can hand over the intellectual property of that image to the user,” explains Martín.

The need to generate such large images focuses on the fact that this is essential for one of the three pillars or businesses in which the startup intends to deploy one of its services, that of industrial printing. This service (which will be available next month) is based on digital printing on elements such as ceramics, vinyl, paper, cardboard, wood or glass. To be able to be a provider of such images requires massive quality and size.

Aitister’s second ‘target’ are the architects or interior designers, particularly the material they need during the ‘rendering’ process or 3D graphic representation of the hyper-realistic plans or designs they create. This would be the service that the company currently provides.

The third market to which Aitister directs its services is the metaverse, that is, its objective is to take advantage of its images and textures in the development of immersive and multisensory digital experiences. A service that they hope to have ready for next year.

The Valencian startup also plans to close this month a investment round of half a million euros They have opened in September. Aitister, which has already been through accelerators such as Orbit Castellon Y Seeds Rocket, has also recently been selected to form part of ‘Traction’, the incubation program framed in Lanzadera, Juan Roig’s accelerator.

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