The Delegation of the Board in Talavera turns 30 this year




The delegate of the Board in Talavera, David Gómez Arroyo, has underlined that “this year the Services Delegation of the Board in Talavera celebrates 30 years since its birth on December 23, 1992, it has been providing a “pioneering” service, bringing the Regional administration to the citizens, serving as a transmission mechanism for the needs and problems of Talavera to the different instances of the regional government and playing a fundamental, but discreet, role in the development of infrastructures, projects and programs in Talavera and the region that have contributed to having the modern and 21st century Talavera that we have today”.

Gómez Arroyo has made these statements to the media during the presentation of the balance of activity of the Delegation of Services of the Board in Talavera during the past year, the Board has reported in a press release.

The delegate of the Board has indicated that 2021 has been the second year marked by Covid and has emphasized that “it has been the year of vaccination, in which Talavera has continued to set an example of how institutional collaboration and between administrations it achieves results that are a national and international example».

Thus, he stressed that “collaboration in the management of vaccination in Talavera Ferial, between the Consistory and Sescam, has been an example that is not left alone in our borders.”

Likewise, he stressed that “despite the fact that we have continued to face one of the worst crises that our society has experienced, we have advanced socially and economically.” Despite the break caused by the state of alarm in March 2020, “we are achieving leave that crisis behind and we are doing it without the cuts and extreme social costs that other governments gave after the financial crisis of 2008».

“Looking ahead to 2022, The objective is to continue advancing and consolidating the structural transformation of the economic and productive fabric that is making people talk about Talavera in terms of modernity, digitization, innovation and the future.», assured Gómez Arroyo, who emphasized that «this is possible because it has gone from permanent confrontation, to collaboration, dialogue and trust, as well as from the apathy of some, to work».

“The collaboration, trust and dialogue between the regional government and the local administration have allowed us to make social and economic progress despite the pandemic, materializing the largest wave of investments in Talavera and the region and managing to reduce unemployment figures. in the city at levels never seen since before the financial crisis of 2008″, asserted the delegate of the Board.

According to Gómez Arroyo, “the regional Executive is complying with most of what is contained in the Pact for the Recovery of Talavera, but rather, in certain aspects, above it.”

Looking ahead to this year, the delegate of the Board in Talavera has reiterated that the regional budgets for 2022 contemplate a record investment for Talavera and has indicated, among others, that this year «we will continue to advance in the splitting of the entrance to Talavera and in the logistics platform, after untying the Gordian knot that its location meant and providing itself with a budget item for the acquisition of land».

During his appearance before the media, Gómez Arroyo thanked all the staff of the Board Delegation, those of now and those who have passed through here in these 30 years, as well as those who have preceded him in the position of delegate «the work carried out to improve well-being and quality of life in Talavera and its region».

Regarding the activity of the Delegation, Gómez Arroyo highlighted that During 2021, a total of 25,922 people were attended in person, both by appointment, implemented in June 2020 as a result of the pandemic, and without it. Likewise, more than 27,000 telephone calls have been answered, with which, in some cases, unnecessary trips have been avoided and the information requested by the citizen has been provided.

In relation to the Information and Registry Office (OIR), the delegate of the Board has indicated that, in a comparative analysis with the rest of this type of office in the region during the year 2021, «The OIR of Talavera is the second of the regional Administration in the processing of documents, with a total of 19,955, of which more than 25% are processed electronically».

In terms of queries, the OIR of Talavera is the third of the Board in the processing of queries, with 17,863 last year and only behind the Office of Social Welfare of Albacete and the Delegation of the Board in Ciudad Real. Likewise, almost 700 actions have been carried out in the signature system for natural persons and [email protected] systems, 150 more than in 2020, which enables electronic processing with the regional Administration.

In addition to the activity of the OIR, in his speech, Gómez Arroyo has broken down in detail the rest of the activity of each of the Delegation’s areas: Social Welfare, Development with the Mortgage Brokerage Office, Education, Culture and Sports, with the Office of Schooling and Educational Coordination, Treasury and Economy, Companies and Employment.

Among the most significant data stand out in the area of ​​Social Welfare, the more than 1,800 procedures related to the Dependency service; the almost 1,300 actions related to large family titles and the 566 procedures for aid to large families; the 620 social emergency aids; the 461 disabled parking cards; the 266 teleassistance service procedures, or the 78 golden transport cards for those over 65 years of age.

In terms of Education, Gómez Arroyo has stressed that “from being an office that merely managed schooling in the extraordinary period, it has become a real service that coordinates all the educational work of Talavera and the schools and institutes of the region, as well as as it provides assistance to municipalities and sports clubs, etc».

In this area, 1,685 applications have been made in compulsory education in the ordinary period 586 in the extraordinary, while in Baccalaureate, 882 applications have been made in the ordinary period and 184 in the extraordinary period. Likewise, 180 Youth Cards have been processed, 180 procedures related to the homologation of degrees or 120 procedures related to scholarships have been carried out.

In 2021, the selective tests for Secondary Education teachers, in the specialty of Physical Education, were also carried out in two educational centers in Talavera, with a total of 9 courts and more than 800 opponents.

In the Development area, highlight the 2,008 procedures related to the payment of rental aid for the year 2020 and the more than 250 corresponding to 2021, the almost 200 procedures related to Official Protection housing or the 46 requests for building rehabilitation.

In Economy, Business and Employment, this year we must highlight the more than 800 conciliation acts carried out in the Arbitration and Conciliation Mediation Service (SMAC) of the Services Delegation, as well as the 19 subsidies for reconciling family and work life, the 8 aids to people who have lost their jobs after the completion of an ERTE due to Covid or the 19 requests for craft cards in 2021.

Finally, in the Treasury area, Gómez Arroyo highlighted the service provided for the presentation of the Property Transfer Tax for certain means of transport, which during 2021 amounted to 2,979, as well as the resolution of telephone queries that amounted to over 1,700.

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