The fateful hours of Karim Benzema



Ancelotti stressed that everything went wrong in the match against Elche, except for the last ten epic minutes, until the draw. The Italian said that in clear reference to his best footballer, the top scorer in the Spanish League, who has been a candidate for the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA World Player. Benzema is the thermometer from Real Madrid. The French staged the club’s sports scale. If the ram works, the equipment carburizes. When the striker is “not there”, the white team is not there. And the leader suffered a disagreement on Sunday against the ilicitanos because the nine did not find himself. It was the fateful day Benzema.

The leader’s center forward missed a penalty half an hour into the game.

Era his first fiasco after hitting 16 pitches consecutive, with the aggravating circumstance of making a mistake that influenced the final score. Subsequently was injured at the time of game. He sounded the alarms for the future in the entity, which is already living in Champions mode and in the duel with Mbappé’s PSG. And while the doctors palpated the contracture suffered by the player in his left hamstring in the locker room, a well-organized gang of thieves entered in his house in La Moraleja and they plundered it when the Madrid fans sang nine kilometers away the goals of Wound Modric and Eder Militao.

It is the second robbery that he endures while playing, the previous one he suffered when he played the classic at the Bernabéu in February 2019

The assailants were none other than four hours inside, from three to seven in the afternoon, to find and take a lots of valuables. There are days, Karim, born in the suburbs of Lyon, will think that it is better not to get up.

Benzema sounded the alarm when he got home and what the specialists are investigating is why the alarm didn’t sound when the thieves entered. It is analyzed if they carried all the technology to cancel the best alarms and “work” several hours with peace of mind.

It is not the first time that the forward suffers a damage of this magnitude in his home in La Moraleja. Three years ago, in February 2019, they also entered his residence with the same modus operandi, when he played the classic against Barcelona at the Bernabéu, at the moment you least think they can enter your house and with half of Spain watching football By television.

There are traces of blood

The Police are now investigating whether it was the same gang that repeated the organization chart in a house that they already know, because on that occasion they also stayed inside for several hours and stole quite a few things of value. Police investigators have found traces of blood of a possible mugger by the pool, who presumably cut himself entering the house.

The thieves entered Benzema’s home through the garden, jumping a fence that surrounds his plot. They broke a shutter on the house with a sledgehammer and then they broke the windows. They took a large number of objects and it is not known if they opened a safe, because if they have been the same they know the intricacies of the rooms in detail. And if they were not the same assailants, they were equally four hours and delved into all the secrets of the home of the French footballer.

Now go into performance insurance, both of the alarm as of stolen objects. These are not pretty days for Karim, as everyone calls him.

It is the first penalty missed by Real Madrid, after 16 hits; He suffered a contracture against Elche and today he undergoes an MRI that will determine the real extent of his injury

With all due respect, what really worries Real Madrid and Real Madrid fans is the physical condition of the leader of the squad. He injured his left hamstring, but it is not the same ailment detected in San Sebastián, as Ancelotti warned. It is not a relapse. veteran, experienced, it felt bad and asked for the change before enduring a breakage mayor.

The first exploration of the Real Madrid doctors predicts that he suffers from a contracture in that area. A contracture is a tear, and the diagnosis preliminary is that you will be discharged after ten days, which means that it is presumably small. But the medical staff, the coaching staff, the club and Benzema himself do not trust until they know the result of the MRI to which he will undergo today.

Ten days off is, in any case, the initial calculation. In theory I could dispute the February 3 the Cup match of the King in San Mamés. In practice, he will only play it if Benzema himself demands it, since he will arrive just at that appointment and in the prime entity that is in full way to attack PSG in the Champions League on the 15th of the next month. This is the only challenge in the head of the company. It doesn’t matter too much that he doesn’t play against Granada at the Bernabéu on February 6, not even if he is in Villarreal on the 12th. the whites beat Athletic in Bilbao and would also have their first cup semifinal match on the 9th. It is a very tough calendar that presents an excess of games that the Real Madrid striker cannot cover after the physical notice received against Elche in one day fateful of his professional and personal life, failed, injured and robbed.

Ancelotti does not want to relive the collapse that the veterans suffered seven years ago. He has already granted rest to his scorer in the cup play against the Elche team itself, five dates ago. Three days later he developed pain in his left leg. Watch out. The French just turn 34 and have the intelligence of knowing how to graduate to perform at a good level almost without resting, but it has a limit. He has only missed four times, as you well know Jović and Mariano, who support his permanence in eleven.

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