The federal and state governments are refraining from stricter corona measures

Band countries are sticking to the previous protective measures in the corona pandemic. “It is right to continue on this course,” said Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) on Monday evening after consultations with the heads of government of the federal states. So there should continue to be strict contact restrictions, “wherever many people come together”.

“We do not yet know how the number of infections will develop,” said Scholz, whether there would be “a more dramatic development” or whether Germany would get through this period relatively well. It is therefore important “that we have to remain cautious”. The federal and state governments decided to agree on further steps to control infection if there is a risk of the health system being overloaded. At the same time, they agreed to develop opening perspectives for the moment when an overload of the health system can be ruled out.

Berlin’s head of government Franziska Giffey (SPD) emphasized that the federal-state group had agreed “that easing the measures at the current time with the corresponding infection numbers is not the method of choice”. However, no further tightening is indicated.

Omicron remains dangerous

According to Scholz, the federal government wants to promote vaccination against the corona virus even more than before to increase the vaccination rate in Germany. With great effort, the federal government has launched a new vaccination and booster campaign, explained the Chancellor. In addition to posters with the motto “Vaccination helps”, there should now also be more calls on the radio and on social media platforms.

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