The Government of Vinaroz is reduced from eleven to eight mayors after the controversy of the viscera of the invisible friend




The government team of the Castellón town of Vinaroz It will be made up of eight councilors, among which the incorporation of Amèlia Cabos stands out, replacing the socialist José Chaler who resigned after the controversy created after giving this to the mayor and spokesperson for Totes i Tots Som Vinaròs (TSV), Anna Fibla , a box with animal entrails on the occasion of the invisible friend, which ended up being dismissed by the mayor, Guillem Alsina.

The dismissal of Anna Fibla caused the other two TSV councilors decided to go to the opposition. Thus, the government team remains in the minority, with 7 councilors from the PSPV and 1 from Compromís, while the three councilors from TSV go to the opposition together with the 6 councilors from the PP.

The mayor, Guillem Alsina, highlighted this Monday at a press conference that a new stage is opening in the municipal government that they will face “with optimism and above all with the aim of continuing with the projects planned for Vinaròs such as the end of the works of the Jaume I school, the development of the investments of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy, EDUSI, or the implementation of the Urban Agenda».

Alsina has insisted that the new government will work until the end of the mandate “From dialogue and consensus to carry out all projects that help improve the quality of life of citizens.” In this sense, he pointed out that political conflicts must be set aside and the interests of the neighbors must be put first “to make Vinaròs a better city”.

The councilors of new government team They will assume the councils that the TSV mayors had, that is, Culture, Heritage, New Technologies, Youth, Social Services, Commerce and Ecological Transition.

Thus, the mayor, Guillem Alsina, will continue assuming the Government and Agriculture and Fisheries; the 1st deputy mayor, Marc Abellá, will be in charge of Urban Planning, Heritage, Tourism and Institutional Relations; and the 2nd deputy mayor, Paula Cerdà, will lead the departments of Festivals, Commerce and Youth.

The 3rd deputy mayor, Maria Cano, will assume the Treasury, Employment, New Technologies and Industry; the 4th deputy mayor, Carmen Morellà, Works and Services and Ecological Transition; and the 5th deputy mayor, Amàlia Cabos, Social Services. Fernando Juan will be Councilor for Culture, Human Resources and Health; and Begoña López will be Councilor for Children, Education and Sports.

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