The Paris Chamber Orchestra arrives in the Canary Islands under the baton of Antonio Méndez

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The Paris Chamber Orchestra will tour the islands under the direction of Antonio Méndez in the Canary Islands International Music Festival (FIMC) that will receive tomorrow in Gran Canaria and the day after in Tenerife the German violinist Arabella Steinbacher.

The Paris Chamber Orchestra is one of the leading ensembles in Europe and will have two different programs within the framework of the Festival that “combine the color palette» of the Orchestra, the director Antonio Méndez highlighted.

The tour began last night in La Palma and will continue throughout this week on stages in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Antonio Méndez will be in charge of directing the group on a musical journey «varied and attractive» which he has defined as «very heterogeneous» and that includes works by Wagner, Beethoven y Prokofiev.

In the rest of the islands the public will be able to listen to pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Schubert.

An Orchestra with a «solid profile»

The Paris Chamber Orchestra, with more than four decades of history, is considered one of the leading ensembles in Europe and after a profound renovation in recent years, it welcomes a “new generation of French musicians, thus becoming one of the younger permanent sets and in the first orchestra of that country truly egalitarian».

This will be the fourth time that the baton of Antonio Méndez will lead the Parisian Orchestra, to which he is linked by a “close collaboration”. It will be the first time with German violinist Arabella Steinbacher with which the director is “wanting” to go on stage, he has confessed.

In the repertoire for Gran Canaria and Tenerife, the director has highlighted the «jewel» of the ‘Siegfried Idyll‘, to which will be added Beethoven’s ‘Second’, orchestrated for winds, strings and timpani that he composed in 1802 during his stay in the Viennese suburb of Heiligenstadt.

The central piece, the ‘Violin Concerto No. 2’, a commission from the French violinist Robert Soëtens to Prokofiev, is performed by the soloist Arabella Steinbacher, who already impressed the audience at the Tenerife Auditorium in May 2021 playing Antonín Dvořák’s ‘Concerto for violin and orchestra in A minor’ with the Tenerife symphony.

Purism for non-capital islands

The repertoire for the other three islands, which the public from La Palma was able to enjoy last night, includes the ‘Symphony no. 85’ of Haydn, also called ‘The Queen’, which belongs to the first set of six symphonies written to order to be presented in the city of Paris, which had been admiring his work for some time.

It will be followed by the ‘Sinfonía concertante’ by Mozart, a work surrounded by deep mysteries. There is no question about its charm, its melody, or its wide appeal, but there is no solution to the problem of when or for whom it was written, or even whether it is truly Mozart’s.

The program closes with ‘Symphony No. 5’ by Schubert, written only a few months after No. 4, is often described as a work that pays homage to the classical masters Mozart and Haydn.

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