The single ticket to travel cheaper by metro, bus and train starts operating on January 31 in Valencia




The new unique SUMA card It will allow traveling by metro, bus and commuter trains throughout the network of the Valencia metropolitan area in a “simpler and more comfortable” way and with discounts of up to 55 percent from next January 31.

Thus, the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Spain, explained it, stressing that the Generalitat has invested 20 million in this new support so that the 1.8 million people who live in the metropolitan area «trust on public transport when commuting.

Specific, SUM 10 will have a discount between 11 and 55%; monthly sum between 23 and 40%, and SUM monthly youth, an additional 15% on the other discounts of the monthly SUMA thanks to the zonal simplification, since the four current tariff zones are reduced by half.

In this way, with a single ticket it will be possible to travel in Metrovalencia, Metrobus, Cercanías or EMT, although the previous supports will continue to be valid and a period of six months to exhaust the trips of titles prior to Suma.

Arcadi Spain has indicated that this investment of 20 million will be maintained over time to retain current passengers and expand users because this “significant commitment to metropolitan public transport is a commitment to decarbonization, to decongest cities and take care of the environment environment”. Now it will also study its implementation in Castellón and Alicante.

SUMA 10, the 10-journey vouchers, can be purchased at all the usual points of sale where the operators’ own tickets are purchased, such as kiosks, tobacconists, Metrovalencia and Renfe automatic machines). In addition, the new SUMA titles can be loaded on the old Mobilis cards, so it will not be necessary to buy new media for this type of title.

On the other hand, in the first months of tariff integration, a significant effort will be made to strengthen personal customer service at different points in the metropolitan area. Thus, starting this Monday, on the website of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità de València (ATMV) you can already consult extensive information about the tickets and there is a section of frequently asked questions about fare integration.

New fares with Renfe and cheaper

The most benefited populations will be the most distant. Thus, the inhabitants of Sagunto will save 50% on their trips to the capital of the Turia and those of Torrent 49%.

Specifically, the new rates that include RENFE they will be SUMA 10, of 8 euros for an area, compared to the current 9 euros and 15.50 euros; 12 euros for two zones, which replaces the current 20.90 euros and 26.90 euros, and 20 euros for the Airport compared to the current 26.90.

For its part, regarding the monthly SUMA, it will cost 35 euros for one zone, 53 euros for two zones, the same as the airport. Currently the prices for this monthly subscription range between 45 euros and 79.10 euros.

In addition to the consequent economic benefit, these new tickets promote intermodality with free transfer for 90 minutes in one zone and 110 in two.

Line 10 of Metrovalencia, in April or May

On the other hand, Arcadi Spain has highlighted that the work on Line 10, which will link Calle Alacant with Nazaret, is “very advanced” and the forecast is that go live in april or may once the safety tests have been completed.

The Minister explained that at this time safety tests must be carried out on all trains so that they can obtain accreditation with the aim that before the summer the new line is “a reality in operation”.

In this sense, Arcadi Spain has clarified that the final date of its implementation will depend on how long “it takes to complete all the safety tests.”

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that in mid-February the night service will be recovered of Metrovalencia, which was suspended due to the pandemic, since it has been wanted to “synchronize” its start-up with the progressive overcoming of the health crisis.

To do this, he stressed that they are working with all the staff to “marry” the operational part that the resumption of this service involves with “dialogue with all unions and workers.”

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