Vaccination: This is how Bavaria’s MPs want to vote

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From: Florian Naumann

How does the CSU vote in terms of compulsory vaccination? Markus Söder and Alexander Dobrindt in the Bavarian State Representation (archive picture). © Political Moments/Imago

When it comes to compulsory vaccination, things are getting serious. How do the Bavarian MPs want to vote? A survey gives clues – the CSU could run into problems.

Munich – Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had already announced compulsory vaccination in 2021 – but the topic is still hotly contested. On Wednesday, the Bundestag will discuss the planned general obligation for the first time. Apparently, many Bavarian MPs are still undecided on the issue. This is shown by a survey by the radio station Antenne Bayern.

Corona vaccination requirement: Bavaria’s MPs share their plans – CSU of all people undecided

According to the report, there is at least a clear trend among the SPD MPs from the Free State: 16 parliamentarians interviewed spoke out in favor of general vaccination. A total of 22 MPs responded to the broadcaster’s request – this corresponds approximately to a majority of almost three quarters for the regulation. The SPD leaders had recently spoken out in favor of the obligation, including Chancellor Scholz.

On the other hand, a lot seems to be open at the CSU – although party leader Markus Söder is one of the declared supporters of the regulation. He was one of the first to put the topic on the agenda in the fall. Of 33 CSU politicians who responded, 22 had not yet committed themselves. Most recently, the party had also switched to an easing course when it came to Corona.

Quite piquant in the result: the Union in particular had repeatedly called for an official proposal from the traffic light coalition. So far, however, there does not seem to be unity in our own ranks either. This is part of the official parliamentary procedure in the open procedure sought by the traffic light. It is possible, however, that after the advance of the CDU and CSU, other expectations of the Union MPs will arise.

Bavaria and the corona vaccination requirement: Greens want to explain more – most parliamentarians are undecided

According to Antenne Bayern, 29 percent of the Bavarian MPs in the survey were in favor of general corona vaccination from the age of 18, while 18 percent were against it. The majority – 39 percent – had not yet formed a final opinion and wanted to wait for the debates in parliament. 14 percent did not respond to the radio station’s request or said they did not want to comment.

Unsurprisingly, there was great agreement among the AfD. For the right-wing populists, all MPs who gave an answer were against compulsory vaccination. In the past few weeks there has been a lot of excitement about unvaccinated AfD MPs in the Bundestag, and special regulations have become necessary.

The Munich Green Dieter Janecek campaigned on Sunday for more persuasion. He received many letters about compulsory vaccination, he wrote on Twitter. Many of these are “orchestrated,” but there is genuine concern. “The latter in particular we must continue to reach and convince,” he wrote. A Corona summit will meet again on Monday – compulsory vaccination is not officially on the agenda, but could still become a controversial issue after calls from the countries. (dpa / fn)

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