Valents incorporates the 80 militants of Centrats per Tarragona




Valents, the political project that aims to bring together the constitutionalist center-right, continues to grow territorially in its ambition to become a regional party. Today they will announce the incorporation of all the supporters and members of Centrats per Tarragona, a group that presented lists in a dozen municipalities in the province of Tarragona in the 2019 elections, and which includes the two mayors of the city council of La Pobla de Montornès Josep Maria Santamaria Puig and Ivan Garcia Perez. They also incorporate Carlos Calderón, who was the Centrats candidate in 2019 for Tarragona city.

The more than 80 members who have training in the Tarragona province they come together with «the will to work so that in all the towns of Catalonia the laws and symbols are respected and work is done in favor of the citizens.

Valents wants to be present in the 947 municipalities of Catalonia”, he declared. Josep Maria Santamaría, who was mayor of this town between 2007-2008 and 2011-2019, as well as a deputy in the Tarragona Provincial Council (2015-2017) and councilor of the Tarragonés Regional Council (2017-2019).

The incorporations in Tarragona are added to those already recently announced in Gerona, where the former deputy of Cs in the Parliament John Castel joins Valents, and in Lérida, where the former orange deputy Jorge Soler did the same. Valents also announced last week the incorporation to the party of the up to now three councilors of Ciudadanos in Sitges.

Valents’ goal, according to Albert Guivernau, general secretary of Valents, “is that the national parties do not agree with pro-independence parties to obtain the presidency of the Government and that Catalans loyal to Spain do not once again become bargaining chips abandoned and betrayed by parties such as the PSOE or the PP when said Parties need independence support to govern.

For his part, Jean Castel, head of Organisation, affirmed «that the cocktail of far-left populism and pro-independence populism It has harmed the residents of our municipalities by impoverishing us, distracting us in sterile debates, distancing municipal management from everyday life and abandoning people to their fate.

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