Belarra pressures the PSOE after Bolaños spoke of including “improvements” in the Housing Law



The Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, which he directs Ione Belarra will launch a new round of contacts with organizations and social movements to defend the Housing Law and put pressure on the PSOE before possible temptations to modify the rule after anticipating a very negative report by the General Council of the Judiciary.

The Socialists have already stated that they have no intention of modifying the rule, because the CGPJ report is pertinent but not binding. But it is true that they have stated that they would attend to the considerations made by the body. But in United We Can fear that this process will be used by the socialists through the Ministry of Transport to make changes in a norm in which the purples have already made many resignations from their maximum positions.

From the department of Belarra they insist on their “concern” about the possibility that their government partner “may back down on the most ambitious aspects of the Housing Law.” From the purple ranks they insist on criticizing “the exceptional situation of a CGPJ whose mandate has expired three years ago.” And in this case they assert that in this case “it should only pronounce on the modification of three articles of the law of civil procedure, not corresponding in any case to evaluate the constitutionality of the norm.” And in case there is any doubt, they insist from the Belarra ministry that the Government “you have no legal obligation to assume the content of the report”.

Thus, Belarra has decided to open a new round of contacts to show “the urgency” of the Housing Law and the broad support that a text “truly ambitious in regulating rental prices and prohibiting evictions without a housing alternative” would have. This despite the fact that many of the usual partners of the Government have stated that the norm falls short. This round will begin today with the Madrid Housing Coordinator, the DESC Observatory and the CCOO and UGT unions.

Belarra’s movement comes a few hours after the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolanos, has opened the door to introduce “improvements” after the proposals of the CGPJ to the Housing Law to make it “legally impeccable”.

The minister has defended that the Government maintains the spirit of regulating access to housing because the Government considers it a “social problem”. But he has made it clear that there may be changes to the text: “With the reading of the report (of the CGPJ) we are going to try to improve the Housing Law that we want to be impeccable from a legal point of view,” he said during an interview in TVE in which, however, has insisted that the report “is not binding.” And he has defended that despite the questioning made by the CGPJ about the invasion of autonomous powers, the text is “especially careful” in this matter.

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