Boris Johnson celebrated his birthday in 2020 with a party in full confinement




On June 23, 2020, the first three months of the measures imposed by the british government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and which included the rule of maintaining a safety distance of two meters between one person and another. Hospitality and entertainment were closed, commerce has just opened after the first confinement and social gatherings indoors were prohibited. However, on the 19th of that same month, Boris Johnson celebrated his birthday, of course, with a party.

The British population has surely already lost count of the celebrations that took place in Downing Street during the months of closure due to the pandemic, but even so, the trickle of information about it does not cease to surprise, especially when they speak not of junior officials of the Executive, but of the prime minister.

According to what the local press reported on Monday, it would have been Carrie Johnson, wife of the premier, who would have organized a surprise party for her partner in the afternoon in the room where the cabinet meets, and which was supposedly attended by about 30 people, including Lulu Lytle.

This designer was at that time working on the renovation of number 11 Downing Street, the apartment where the premier resides with his wife and two children, a work that also generated significant controversy at the time due to the unknown as to who was paying for it. . According to the ITV network, the meeting lasted half an hour in which, of course, there was cake and in which the premier was sung the «Happy Birthday», ironically, the song that was recommended to sing twice in a row, to measure time, during hand washing, one of the most important recommendations to prevent infections.

“Respect the rules”

Sources from the prime minister’s official residence assure that the honoree was only present for “less than ten minutes”, less than the twenty that Johnson himself claimed he spent at another event to which more than a hundred people were invited on May 20. The call was made by his private secretary, Martin Reynolds, who was also, apparently, at the birthday celebration.

On June 10, just nine days before the celebration, Johnson had asked the population during one of his press conferences to continue “respecting the rules” which, he then explained, were “designed to keep us all safe” and in which he emphasized the “illegality” of indoor encounters. And although they say that the comparisons are odious, it is worth remembering that on June 13 Queen Elizabeth II witnessed the parade alone, whose size was reduced that year and did not have the presence of the public, celebrating her own birthday from a balcony at Windsor Castle.

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