Corruption Index – According to the TI Index, Austria has become more corrupt

Austria has become more corrupt – this is shown by the international corruption index 2021 by Transparency International (TI) on Tuesday. Austria has lost two points since 2020 and is now in 13th place with Canada, Estonia, Iceland and Ireland with 74 out of 100 points. In 2020 they were still in 15th place with 76 points; TI Austria explained that things were not going downhill any further with the fact that corruption is also becoming more and more of a problem internationally.

Points are awarded, for example, according to whether a government is successful in curbing corruption and whether corrupt officials are prosecuted or punished. Bribery and corruption, nepotism, misappropriation of public funds, the effective prosecution of corrupt public officials and effective integrity mechanisms in the public sector are included under corruption.

“The result is bad and sobering, there is nothing to gloss over,” stated Eva Geiblinger, CEO of TI Austria, “One of the main reasons is the announced but not implemented national anti-corruption projects, including lobbying regulations and party funding. The serious allegations and scandals at the highest political level pose a major problem for the population’s confidence in democracy.

The Council of Europe Group of States against Corruption found in 2021 that the Austrian government had only satisfactorily implemented two of the 19 recommendations from 2017, said TI Austria board member Georg Krakow. “In order to achieve the level required by TI-Austria in terms of anti-corruption and transparency measures, the government must apply leverage in several areas.” The delay in implementing the Freedom of Information Act was problematic, the federal prosecutor had only been discussed and loopholes in the lobbying and advocacy register had been identified, but the political will for improvement was lacking.

The trend of the “Corruption Perceptions Index” is steadily downwards: in 2019 Austria still had 77 points. In 2021, 74 points were the worst result since 2014. While there has been a lack of role model function in anti-corruption politics in recent months and years, “everyday corruption” has declined significantly over the past ten to 20 years, according to TI Austria.

Denmark, New Zealand and Finland are in first place with 88 points. Austria also lags behind in the German-speaking region: Switzerland is seventh with 84 points, Germany tenth with 80 points. At the bottom of the list are Somalia, Syria and South Sudan. (APA)

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