Felipe VI walks through San Juan de Puerto Rico, where “a lot of Hispanic people are breathed”

San Juan de Puerto Rico



“San Juan is wonderful. I encourage everyone who can to come meet him.. There is a lot of Hispanic people here, how could it be otherwise, “said King Felipe while taking a walk through the historic center of the capital of San Juan. Accompanied by the governor, Pedro Pierluisi, to whom he previously presented the grand cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic at the presidential palace of Santa Catalina, the King greeted the sisters of the Congregation of the Servants of Mary, founded by the Madrid-born María Soledad Torres Acosta, who was canonized in 1970 by Paul VI.

Through the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, several cheers were heard for the King as he walked from La Fortaleza, where the presidential palace is located, to the Mayor’s House.

Once there, Felipe VI congratulated the people of Puerto Rico and in particular the people of San Juan for the fifth anniversary of the city’s centennial. “A celebration that has to serve to remember how much unites us, to renew those ties, to reaffirm our affections, to evoke our common past,” he declared. And he added: “An event that in turn shows the vitality of this city and its people, its strength, its joy of living.”

The King pronounced these words together with the mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero, who handed over the Keys to the City to Don Felipe. During the meeting, he pointed out that the foundation of these cities “involved the creation of government institutions”, the construction of universities, schools, hospitals and printing presses: “Spain promoted constructions and buildings that today, more than five hundred years later, continue to house the public institutions, and constitute an indissoluble part of the national patrimony”, he commented.

«Spain brought with it its language, its culture, its creed; and with all this, it contributed values ​​and principles such as the foundations of International Law or the conception of universal human rights”, said King Felipe, while pointing out that these “concepts and elements contributed in a very important way to the beginning of the Modern Age », from institutions such as the School of Salamanca, made up of jurists, academics and religious.

“Many of these values ​​and principles are fully valid today, nourishing the heritage of the best of our democratic societies. Some so basic that today seem obvious to us, but that were not in other times, “added the King.

In this sense, he stressed that “that common past, of those values ​​contributed then by Spain and in force today, we all have to feel proud, Puerto Ricans, Spaniards, and the rest of the Hispanic peoples.” In the same way, the King affirmed that “we are proud to share an extraordinarily rich language, which has grown with the constant contribution of the peoples of the two shores of that sea that Pedro Salinas contemplated from here”.

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