First ballot in presidential election in Italy does not bring a decision

Dhe first round of the election of a new president in Italy has not yet yielded a result. As expected, no candidate achieved the necessary two-thirds majority in the first ballot on Monday. Since there was no prior agreement on a candidate, most parties called for blank ballots to be cast. The second round is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

In Italy, the head of state is elected by a committee of more than a thousand deputies, senators and representatives of the regions. The vote is secret. A dedicated polling station has been set up in the Parliament car park for voters who have tested positive for the coronavirus or who are in quarantine.

In the first ballot, 672 blank ballot papers were cast. The result is therefore not very meaningful. A little-known 85-year-old former Constitutional Court judge, Paolo Maddalena, won by just 36 votes. It was followed by the incumbent Sergio Mattarella (16 votes), who ruled out another term. Mario Draghi received one vote.

Draghi still favourite

Italy’s incumbent Prime Minister Mario Draghi is the favorite in the multi-day election. Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi withdrew his candidacy at short notice over the weekend and went to the hospital for medical examinations.

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