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Jesus Calleja continues his journey around the world. After an unforgettable adventure through Ethiopia with
Santi Millan
, the presenter of ‘Alley Planet’ completely changes third; applicable both to your new destination and to the profile of the guest who has accompanied you. And it is that this time the globetrotter has traveled to Lapland, taking with him a controversial ‘celebrity’, one of those who arouse passion and criticism in equal parts:
Omar Montes

Accustomed to placing himself in the spotlight every now and then as a good enemy of what is politically incorrect, the versatile artist has shown his experienced travel companion the most intimate facet of his personality and his life. As soon as they found themselves in Gammelstad, a beautiful 15th-century church-village, a World Heritage Site, the man from Blessed Bread told his interlocutor why he had embarked on the adventure of ‘Alley Planet’. “You make friends and come out as a person. Because you know a lot about life and you are going to teach me a lot of things. I want to be your ‘Padawan’.

In the town of Harads it has become clear that English is not his forte, although he has tried. In that beautiful place in the north of Sweden they have embarked on a route in a sled pulled by dogs, despite the fact that the singer is given respect because one bit his grandmother when he was little. “In the ass”, specifically. Spontaneous as he alone, he feels misgivings about approaching animals thinking that “they give you a ‘mouth’ and make you a father”. Calleja was especially surprised that he won
with that phobia, but for the singer the explanation is obvious. «It is that there were all fish, iguanas and those things. With them I get along like a f*** mother ».

A stratospheric cache

The cicerone has questioned him about how he manages his meteoric career: boyfriend of the Isa Pantoja, Omar Montes he became a reality show contestant, and a star in record time soon after. In fact, last year he was the singer with the most downloads in all of Spain, more than Rosalía herself. «I believe a lot in energies and in God. And I think that if you are a good person, God gives it to you on the other hand. We are all in this life for something, and my mission is to make people move their skeleton and have a good time ».

All the songs that the artist has released in recent times are ‘hits’. “I have 15 platinum records. And I don’t have a multinational company behind me, I’m independent, although I’ve been offered millions of dollars. But I kill him on the street, ”he confesses.

Reproductions mean an exponential growth of the cache, something that he has not wanted to boast about, claiming that “I have to eat, which is the important thing.” Of course, he does not deny that he has always liked cars and jewelry. “I am not going to deny that I have always liked cars and jewelry. I saw the reggaeton singers of my time, like Daddy Yankie, wearing jewels and Lamborghini, and I thought that I would like to have them too. If I cook it for myself, I eat it and I’m working on it, why don’t I go buy those cars? No one gives them to me.”

Following the trip, the adventurers have visited Jokkmokk, the nerve center of the Sami community in Sweden, the indigenous people of Lapland and one of the oldest cultures in the world. There, Omar and Jesús have come closer to their ancestral customs and beliefs, giving them a very ‘typical Spanish’ gift: Serrano ham.

Lost with so much nature around him, Jesus Calleja the goal is set that his guest ends up capturing such places that for the singer are “rocambolesque”. “You can see that men don’t pass through here, there isn’t an ice cream parlor or anything.”

In the absence of ice cream, a hot drink is welcome, with which he has taken the opportunity to make another confession. “I always drink Cola Cao, I only ask for coffee when I want to make out with people.” At -1º, he has chatted openly about his childhood and youth. «My father is Arab and my Spanish mother. They had me very young, and I have never known what a united family is, because they separated very soon. My grandmother had to raise me. I’m a bit of a weird mix. From that beautiful joint I came out, a precious being ».

Now there is a very good relationship between them, but above all he adores his grandmother. “I give my life for her.”

a very hard childhood

About his past, he considers that not having a normal family has affected him, in the sense that he still got together with bad companies. “Besides, we had no money and we’ve been hungry. It’s a pretty bad situation.” Later, he had a very young son, at the age of 23. «Then I had no work, people did not give opportunities. I had to do things I’m not proud of, like steal diapers, but I would never let my son go hungry. That’s not gonna happen”.

His life has radically changed; win figures of more than six numbers, and with just one song he pocketed a million euros. However, he lives in the same neighborhood and in the same house all his life. “No matter how much money you make, I think you should never stop having your feet on the ground or go crazy,” he says.

Northern Scandinavia is also a paradise for lovers of off-road racing. On a gravel circuit, Jesús and Omar have tested two rally cars, an experience that has been so exciting for the singer of Pan Bendito that he has even been dizzy.

After recovering, the artist has recalled his attempt to be a boxer, a passion that he had to abandon. «A boxer in Spain has to make a living to be able to eat, giving classes in gyms or with a parallel job. That’s why I left boxing, because I had my son and he didn’t give me food.”

Continuing north, the expedition has crossed the Polar Circle to reach Jukkasjärvi, home of the famous Ice Hotel, where the artist, not very enthusiastic, has spent the night in an ice room at eight degrees below zero “How wonderful! Removing that I’m going to freeze to death, it’s perfect, “he expresses with ironic emotion.

This is how the conversation of his beginnings in music has arisen, which keeps behind a very endearing story. “I started singing when I was very young. When I was 15 years old, a friend and I saw a computer in the trash. We took it home and a friend of his installed the autotune for us. So we began to create bases, to compose super-beautiful rumba instrumentals. From there came ditties. And the gypsies, when they were going to get married, the word spread that there were two kids in the neighborhood who composed dedicated songs. They gave us 100 euros, that’s how we made a living.”

His story with Isa Pantoja

It’s been a long time before you can get where you think you deserve. And higher than it intends to reach. “I want to be number one in the world. I will be the new Julio Iglesias». Although he does not rule out devoting himself to politics. «I have not voted in my life, but I see myself as President of the Government. I have all the qualities necessary to be a good president.”

Vocation of service that he has shown during the coronavirus, months in which he was busy with the people of his neighborhood. «Realize that there are many people who are dedicated to selling: the day you don’t go out to sell, the day you don’t eat. So I got together with five or six friends and we would distribute food to the houses. Anyway, I don’t feel like an example of anything.

In the last stretch of the adventure, the gossipy side of the presenter has come to the fore, asking him about the famous courtship with Isa Pantoja. However, Montes does not get into a shirt of eleven yards. “There is not much to talk about, removing the name and how mediatic it may sound, she is a normal girl, like me.” He told how he met her. “He came to a concert, we took a picture and we started talking. It was a nice relationship.”

Also with his mother. «We got along and we get along very well, two days ago I called her to tell her that I was here. She is like a second mother to me, and to her I am her favorite son-in-law.”

Being a political family Isabel Pantoja put him in the limelight, to the point of signing him for ‘GH VIP’ The ‘Survivors’. To the contest of the robinsons it was «because I wanted to improve myself and find out if I could survive well with complicated conditions. Do you know how nice it is to be thrown anywhere in the world and know that you are going to survive? I am not complaining about the money, but having learned things and feeling useful enriches me more than any economic reason».

In the ‘reality’ he spent his life as a martyr and in ‘Alley Planet’, although to a lesser extent, has also been the case, as he ends up acknowledging. At the end of the experience, yes, he is grateful that it will serve him for life. «First time and it will not be the only one. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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