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Actress Evan Rachel Wood claims that Marilyn Manson raped her during the filming of a video clip

american actress Evan Rachel Wood accused the rocker Marilyn Manson of raping her on camera during the filming of the music video for her 2007 hit single ‘Heart-Shaped Glasses‘. Wood made the allegations – which Manson denies – in the HBO documentary “Phoenix Rising,” which premiered at the Sundance film festival.

Reinstalled in Puerto Rico the statue of Ponce de León demolished before the King’s visit

The square of the Church of San José returned to normal this morning after yesterday, in the hours prior to the arrival of King Felipe in San Juan de Puerto Rico, the statue of the Spanish conqueror Juan Ponce de Leon was demolished.

With police guarding the sculpture, the mood this morning was calm. Yesterday, according to the authorities, there was an exercise of vandalism protected by freedom of expression to which they responded restoring the statue.

They denounce the theft of two Dalí paintings from a Barcelona apartment

The Mossos d’Esquadra have been investigating since this Sunday the alleged theft of two Dalí paintings of a flat in Barcelona. Police sources have explained to Ep that they received the notice around 5:15 p.m., when the tenants of a property in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona denounced that they had broken into his house, which at the time of the events was empty.

El Calatraveño dies, bullfighter of courage and dedication

The bullfighter José Ruiz, known on posters as Calatravene, a right-hander who always left an imprint of serene courage and total dedication in the ring. For fans, to speak of Calatraveño is to speak of pride and courage against the bulls of the toughest herds.

Neil Young threatens to quit Spotify over podcast’s ‘misinformation’ about vaccines

It’s an ‘or them, or me’. And we already know how stubborn the good guy can be. Neil Young. So Spotify has a serious problem. The situation is as follows: the musician has sent an open letter to the streaming platform asking that his entire catalog be withdrawn if the broadcast of ‘false information’ about vaccines continues to be authorized in the podcast de Joe Rogan, which is the world’s largest audience with about eleven million listeners per episode.

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