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If you want to be up to date with all the latest news hours today, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the best headlines of the Tuesday, January 25 that you should not miss, like these:

Coronavirus Valencia today: Ximo Puig outlines the new restrictions and the covid passport before the record of infections

Those accused of trafficking girls: “I like boys”; “I’m missing a kidney”; “I have 4 twin sons”…

A good part of the 37 detainees in the Sana operation, against the trafficking of protected girls and their use, moreover, as drug ‘mules’, refused to speak in court or those who did testified rather succinctly. However, the depositions, to which ABC has had access, reveal how they used all kinds of arguments, many surprising, to avoid pretrial detention; something that eight of the defendants could not avoid.

The small gestures that give away a criminal

Our gestures they betray us and, furthermore, they are uncontrollable.

Facing others, it is possible to regulate a smile, a grimace of fear or a look of anger, but ‘micro-expressions’ that barely last seconds and reveal each one of our emotions start from our cerebral amygdala. Óscar Sánchez-Crespo knows this well, an expert in gestural communication at the head of the only European company, with the same name, that carries out legal expert reports. His job is to analyze a person’s body language and facial reactions to see if his speech is being spontaneous or if he is hiding something. And they do it with a numerical model and a precise technique that leaves no room for personal interpretation. “This work it has nothing to do with psychology, because what is measured is a tangible element, a neural time. Psychology evaluates and profiles, it is an intangible. We do not make guesses, but numerical measurements, ”explains the specialist in a conversation with ABC.

A 35-year-old man, the youngest deceased by coronavirus this Monday in the Valencian Community

The weekend has left a historical maximum of infections of coronavirus In the Valencian community. The Ministry of Health has communicated this Monday 57,607 new positives and 35,853 discharges, in addition to an increase in hospitalizations, with 163 more admitted -up to 1,912-. In the ICU there are also fifteen more patients, 198 in total.

Iglesias directs Podemos against Sánchez in the face of Díaz’s silence

paul churches He is still the gray matter of Podemos, although he has ‘left’ politics. Little news on this, but in recent weeks the former second vice president of the Government has redoubled his public profile to try to remove the party from irrelevance and mark distances with the socialists. Iglesias marked the way for Podemos with the labor reform, insisting that he had to get ahead with the investiture partners. The party came out behind. He was the first to very harshly position himself against Pedro Sánchez during the meat controversy; the party, again, was later.

The coronavirus leaves a new record of 57,600 positives after the weekend in the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has notified this Monday 57,607 new positives in coronavirus after the weekend, which brings to 202,834 active cases at the moment in the three provinces. This is a record figure since the outbreak of the health crisis.

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