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Public Health advises that those infected with Omicron wait 5 months to receive the third dose

The Public Health Commission, a body where the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities are represented, has recommended that adults infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated wait five months to receive the third dose, and not four weeks as it was established until now. The justification it gives is that the fact of having the infection after having received the complete vaccination schedule causes “a more powerful and broader immune response in terms of neutralizing other variants of the virus, compared to the immune response observed in people who only had an infection or only received two doses.”

A network that falsified Covid passports to celebrities such as Omar Montes and the Queen of Coca falls

Agents of the National Police have dismantled the Spanish branch of an organization that provided fake covid passports in different countries of the European Union. Seven people have been arrested -six in Madrid and one in the province of Barcelona- for the alleged crimes of false documents and against public health, after having verified so far the fraudulent registration of some 1,600 people in the National Vaccination Registry, some of them famous, like the singer Omar Montes or the Queen of Coca. In the course of the investigation it was found that the criminal organization, on the one hand, would have captured apersonal sanitario that introduced in the registry those who required false certifications. In addition, investigations continue into the possible theft of passwords to access it, passwords with which they also registered unvaccinated people so that they could record the complete vaccination schedule and obtain the documentation they needed.

The EU agrees that the Covid certificate is the only requirement for travel within Schengen

The Council of Ministers of the European Union has adopted the new recommendation of the European Commission to facilitate free movement during the pandemic that establishes that the Covid certificate must be sufficient to be able to move from one country to another. In addition, it asks countries that – such as Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany or the Netherlands – had introduced additional requirements, such as currently requiring PCR tests for European travelers, to “end these restrictions”. In this way, as of February 1, 2022, when this new regulation comes into force, they must stop asking.

Omar Montes and the Queen of Coca, among the 1,600 false Covid vaccinated from a criminal network arrested

The Information Brigade of the Superior Police Headquarters of Madrid has arrested the Spanish branch of an organization based in France that was dedicated to falsifying negative PCR results and, what is more serious, registered 1,600 in the official database. people who appeared with the complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19. Among these, who also had a fraudulent Covid passport,are the popular singer Omar Montes and Ana María Cameno, known as the ‘Queen of Coca’, one of the largest drug traffickers in the country, involved in the Collapse operation.

What saints are celebrated today? Find out the saints for Tuesday, January 25

Saint Brittany It is celebrated today, Tuesday, January 25, 2022 according to the calendar of Christian saints, among other names.

A judge rules that New York’s indoor mask requirement is unconstitutional

A New York judge has ruled that the state mandate that makes the mask mandatory indoors to prevent the proliferation of Covid-19 cases is unconstitutional.

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