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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can find out all the news and latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Tuesday, January 25 in the world and in Spain:

Coronavirus: Spain exceeds nine million infections and the incidence drops 37 points since Friday

The autonomous communities have notified the Ministry of Health this Monday of 305,432 new cases of Covid-19, 27,248 of them diagnosed in the last 24 hours. These figures are lower than those of the same day last week, when 331,467 positives were reported, which shows the slight downward trend in the evolution of the pandemic.

Coronavirus: The WHO will publish in February the de-escalation plan towards the “control phase” of the pandemic

The WHO will publish a Covid response plan next month to stop treating it like a pandemic, As announced on Monday by the executive director of the WHO Emergencies Program, Mike Ryan.

The goal is for this step to be “sustained”, in a similar way to what has been done previously with other diseases, such as the flu, he said during a briefing this Monday within the framework of the 150th meeting of the Executive Council of the WHO.

Castilla y León concentrates almost half of the properties that the Church does not recognize as its own

The Spanish Church says that it has no record of holding ownership of around thousand of the 34,961 goods that appear in the list of assets registered by the Catholic Church made public by the Government almost a year ago, in February 2021. According to the Church, they are assets that they have never been from the Church, which are no longer because they were sold or are from third parties.

Benedict clarifies his response to the accusations of abuse, but confirms his innocence

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is preparing a detailed response to the accusations launched last Thursday. According to a law firm, during his period as Archbishop of Munich, between 1977 and 1982, he did not take the correct action in the face of 4 allegations of sexual abuse.

125 employees of the German Catholic Church come out of the closet

This Monday the #OutInChurch campaign kicks off in Germany, in which 125 employees of the Catholic Church will declare themselves homosexual for the first time in public, including religious, pastoral assistants, religious education teachers and administrators and with the help of a television program that will be broadcast tonight by the RDA public channel. The participants in this campaign denounce that they were afraid to publicly declare their sexual condition because it could lead to the loss of their job, a consequence that they hope to avoid by doing it en bloc. One of them is the 45-year-old priest Frank Kribber, assigned to the chaplaincy of a prison in Lower Saxony, who considers that “the bishops must be awakened so that they can no longer ignore the issue, if no one confesses openly, nothing will ever change in the church». «For many years I refused the evidence because it was not allowed to be like that, because being like that was not normal and I tried to overcome it. As if there couldn’t be a gay priest. But over time I have understood that honesty with oneself and with others is more important than the consequences, “he declares in the program. “I do not want the Church, which is my Church, to continue looking the other way so as not to see the intense suffering of those affected,” he says.

Coronavirus: Germany parks compulsory vaccination

The German Robert Koch Institute already reports an incidence of 840 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, with black spots such as Berlin, where that figure is close to 1,500, and expects that the peak of the Omicron wave will not occur until mid February, when several hundred thousand infections per day will be reached. This very high level of infections has the consequence that there are not enough PCR tests to confirm all the rapid tests that test positive and the Ministry of Health has decided to prioritize its use and reserve it for people who belong to risk groups. Chancellor Olaf Schoz and the presidents of the Bundesländer have agreed that from now on not all citizens will have access to the PRC tests, but that they will be provideds only to health personnel, preoperative and care centersas well as patients with risk factors. “All the others, if they test positive in an antigen test, will not confirm the result with a PCR, as has been done until now, but will have a second monitored antigen test that is also free. And the same goes for people without symptoms but who are aware of having been in contact with an infected person, personally or through the Corona Warning application, “explained Minister Karl Lauterbach.

The cold storm ‘Elpis’ paralyzes much of Greece

A cold storm, announced with the name of ‘Elpis’, which means hope, has managed to paralyze much of Greece since early Monday morning, reaching up to 17 degrees below zero in the north of the country. Civil protection had already been warning thanks to the telephone alarm to different areas of the country to which they were approaching. heavy snow, giving instructions to avoid unnecessary travel. There have been many islands that have been snowing for several days even on their beaches, such as the case of Naxos, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos in the Cyclades Islands.

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