Lindner fiancée reveals explosive attacks on Lauterbach on TV

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From: Cindy Boden

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach under criticism © Emmanuele Contini/

Karl Lauterbach gets a lot of anger because of the new recovered status. On Sunday he defended himself on TV. But internally it is seething.

Berlin – Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) can shine in surveys with high satisfaction values ​​– but there is currently a lot of trouble about a corona change. The shortening of the recovered status from six to three months has caused a lot of fuss in the past few days.

The federal government now says: “In future, only those whose illness was not more than three months old will be considered recovered from Covid-19. The background is new scientific knowledge due to the rapid spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.”

The decision came rather suddenly. Without much advance notice, without far-reaching debate in advance. Lauterbach defended the step on Sunday evening. “I can’t say now that there will be a transition if it cannot be maintained medically,” said the SPD politician on the ZDF program “Berlin direct”. Unfortunately, people who have recovered from corona would have lost their vaccination protection after three months because of Omikron and could become infected. “If you want security and want to control the number of cases and protect the vulnerable in particular, then you have to act quickly.”

Video: Lauterbach defends shortening of the recovered status

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD): It is bubbling behind the scenes because of the decision made by those who have recovered

But even if Lauterbach is now trying to clean up the damage – things are brewing behind the scenes, apparently also among the health ministers of the federal states. They came together last Saturday (January 22nd) for a meeting – on the agenda, among other things, the vaccination requirement, but also how to deal with the recovered status.

“We also hear that there was a big crash with the state health ministers in the switching conferences. Some said he would act like a ‘crazy professor’ and they simply expect more course,” reported TV correspondent Franca Lehfeldt, the fiancée of FDP leader Christian Lindner, on RTL on Monday morning.

And also in the draft resolution from Sunday afternoon for the Corona summit, there is, so to speak, a political rebuke for Lauterbach: One point of the document is dedicated solely to him, albeit politically euphemistically formulated: The heads of state “welcome” that the Minister of Health announced that specifications on the vaccinated and recovered status “due to their considerable reach will in future be announced and justified in good time before they come into force”. Apparently, at least three prime ministers are in a rage – and are demanding consequences.

(Traffic lights ahead of big tasks – you can find out what the SPD, Greens and FDP are planning in our political newsletter.)

Coroa summit with the federal and state governments: the opening competition has begun

Otherwise, there does not seem to be any further tightening or easing at the upcoming federal-state meeting – but there is talk of “opening prospects”. Lauterbach expects the corona numbers to continue to rise until around mid-February. But the struggle for openings has already begun. (food)

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