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The most important thing about the corona virus

Nationwide seven-day incidence rises to 894.3. The Robert Koch Institute puts the number of new infections at 126,955. It also reports 214 new deaths within 24 hours. The heads of government of the federal and state governments are sticking to the Corona measures for the time being, but want to work out “opening perspectives”. Current news about the corona virus

How the federal and state governments want to defeat the Omicron variant. After the meeting with the Prime Minister, Olaf Scholz was extremely satisfied – although it is more than questionable whether the measures taken will be enough to get a virus under control that is spreading at breakneck speed. To the article (SZ Plus)

Why are there so few PCR tests in Germany? Because the laboratories no longer have capacity, a PCR test should only be possible in exceptional cases if a corona infection is suspected. These tests are the most reliable – and other countries offer many more of them. Go to Article (SZ Plus)

What is important today

How GDR howitzers put the German government in distress. Estonia wants to give Ukraine equipment of Soviet design. The problem: the Baltic country received artillery pieces from Finland. There, in turn, the howitzers had come from Germany, from stocks of the National People’s Army. The pre-suppliers, i.e. Finland and Germany, must agree to any transfer to a third country. So far, however, Germany has firmly rejected the delivery of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Go to Article

Scholz “does not want to accept” violations of European borders. The Chancellor says this before a video link with US President Biden and other close European allies. They threaten Russia with “serious consequences” in the event of an invasion. Ukraine demands a signal from Germany for EU accession. Go to Article

Police are still looking for a motive after the rampage in Heidelberg. After the deadly shots at Heidelberg University, the police now want to investigate the suspected perpetrator’s environment with high pressure. There are unanswered questions, among other things, about the motive of the perpetrator and how exactly he got hold of the weapons. The 18-year-old is said to have bought it abroad a few days ago. Go to Article

Everyday life becomes so expensive. Consumers probably experience the strongest price increase when it comes to heating. In the case of electricity, the price increases are limited, at least on average for all tariffs. You pay significantly more for groceries, the price increase makes less of a difference for cars. The SZ has calculated how much more money singles and families have to raise. To the article (SZ Plus)

Union attacks TÜV Süd. The IG mining, chemicals, energy supports another lawsuit because of the dam failure disaster in Brazil. Union chairman Michael Vassiliadis says the Brazilian branch of the German testing company issued a certificate of non-objection for the dam “against better knowledge”. It is therefore morally and legally imperative that the Munich-based headquarters of TÜV Süd be held accountable. TÜV Süd denies the accusation. Go to Article

Süle leaves FC Bayern in the summer. The defender will not renew his contract with Munich and can change free of charge in the coming transfer period. It is not yet known which foreign top club Süle will move to, but apparently he already has a clear tendency. FC Bayern is already working on a successor solution. Possible candidates are Rüdiger and Christensen from Chelsea London. Go to Article

best things

Stay strong Yakei! The female macaque, who recently took on an extraordinary leadership role on the Japanese monkey island of Kyushu, now has to defend herself against male advances. Go to Article

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