Nuclear waste interim storage in commercial area not permitted

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The Federal Administrative Court has now ruled in the dispute over an interim storage facility for nuclear waste in Hanau. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

The dispute over another interim storage facility for radioactive waste in Hanau has been smoldering for years. Now the Federal Administrative Court has decided in a supreme court.

Leipzig – In the years-long dispute over a nuclear waste interim storage facility in an industrial area in Hanau, the city has prevailed. You do not have to give the disposal company Orano NCS a building permit.

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig classified the project as inadmissible under construction planning law. The hazard potential of radioactive waste is too high. (BVerwG 4 C 2.20)

The company wanted to set up the interim storage facility in a hall in the Wolfgang Technology Park. After the city had refused the permit, the disposal company sued – at that time still under a different name. She was successful in the first instance at the Frankfurt Administrative Court, but then failed before the Hessian Administrative Court (VGH). The Leipzig judges have now confirmed this verdict.

Storage exceeds the “fault level”

According to the Federal Administrative Court, an interim storage facility for radioactive waste exceeds the “degree of interference” that is permissible in an industrial area. The hazard potential of the radioactive waste is important for the location decision.

The city had resisted the permit because they feared that Hanau could become the focal point for nuclear waste from all over Germany. From their point of view, the Wolfgang Technology Park has developed well in the meantime. Among other things, the Internet giant Google is currently building a data center there. Administration, technology and logistics would not get along with another nuclear waste interim storage facility. dpa

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