Social media platform “Truth Social” uses artificial intelligence for control

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From: Lukas Rogalla

Donald Trump is planning his own social network called “Truth Social”. (Illustration) © Chris Delmas/AFP

With the social network “Truth Social”, Donald Trump is planning a “family-friendly” alternative to the big platforms.

Palm Beach – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube created the accounts of about a year ago Donald Trump* locked. The reason given by the companies was the risk of violence that could emanate from his contributions. This decision came shortly after the storming of the Capitol by radical Trump supporters. He and his allies saw the move as a politically motivated attack on freedom of expression.

Shortly thereafter, the former US President announced that he wanted to set up his own social network. His platform, due to launch this quarter, poses as an alternative to “big tech tyranny” — but even hires a big tech company to remove unwanted posts. Artificial intelligence will be used for this.

Donald Trump: “Truth Social” uses artificial intelligence for moderation

“Truth Social”, as Trump’s social network will be called, is to be moderated by the company “Hive”, reports the Fox Business portal. “Truth Social” speaks of a company from San Francisco that “offers automated solutions through cloud-based artificial intelligence to understand images, videos and text content”.

Kevin Guo, Hive CEO, told Fox Business that you could spot “nudity, drugs, violence, hate speech, spam, and bullying.” Former Congressman Devin Nunes, a republican*, is responsible for building the new platform. He told Fox Business: “We want to be very family-friendly. We want this to be a very safe place.”

But it is also a place that is “open to all ideas” – including for “political debates left and right”. “That’s what the open internet is about. It should be for the free exchange of opinions and ideas anywhere in the world, so people can learn from each other and debate,” Nunes said. “And society should be better off if it works properly.” If “illegal activities” take place, it will be “not a good experience” for users.

Donald Trump plant Alternative zu „Big Tech“

“Big-Tech” alternatives already abound. The “Gab” platform is mainly frequented by extreme right-wing users. Andrew Torba directs “Gab”. On Monday he attacked Trump and Truth Social, saying it was not a free speech platform. “Gab” itself has problems with bots that post pornographic content, as reported by The Daily Beast portal. Torba suspects targeted attacks by rivals – including Donald Trump with his new company.

Because for the social media, the former president of the USA* founded his own company: „Trump Media & Technology Group“* (TMTG). The company started last October. However, “Truth Social” is not yet online. A video platform is also planned. (lrg) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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