“Stupid son of a bitch”: Biden beleidigte Journalisten

“Stupid son of a bitch” – something like “stupid shit” – said Biden on Monday in the White House about reporter Peter Doocy from the conservative news channel Fox News, as can be heard on recordings.

After the official end of a press conference, Doocy asked Biden on his way out whether high inflation in the United States could harm his Democratic Party in the November midterm elections. “No, that’s a great asset. More inflation,” Biden then said in a low voice, thinking the mic was already off. And continued: “What a stupid son of a bitch” – as can be clearly heard on the recordings.

Whereby “son of a bitch” in the USA is considered a less serious insult than the literal German translation “Hurensohn”. Doocy, who works as his station’s White House correspondent, was relaxed. “Nobody’s fact-checked him yet and said that’s not true,” he said, smiling on Fox News.

The conservative news broadcaster is known for extremely critical reporting on Biden, and Doocy himself repeatedly stands out with persistent and provocative questions to the president. Fox News was long the favorite station of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump.

Biden, on the other hand, is known for the fact that he likes to express himself in colloquial language and also repeatedly makes verbal interruptions. At the beginning of his tenure, however, he drummed into his employees to treat journalists with respect. He wanted to differentiate himself from Trump, who had repeatedly openly attacked journalists.


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