The behavior of Natalia Verbeke that dislocated the viewers of ‘El Hormiguero’




The actress Natalia Verbeke (Argentina, 1975) went last night to ‘The Anthill’ (Antenna 3) to talk to Paul Motorcycles about his new series, ‘Everyone lies’, on Movistar+. More than 2.6 million viewers were watching her, laughing all the time, and her game of truth or lies with the presenter. He also had to guess which celebrities had their own cologne.

“I love coming here to talk to you! It’s lucky! Thank you!” said the interpreter as soon as she sat down. While explaining the premise of the fiction, a thriller set in an ‘idyllic’ urbanization, he was surprised by the presence of the Petancas and Barrancas ants. “Oh! But what are you doing there?” he yelled.

Natalia Verbeke recognized that she also lies: “Sometimes good and sometimes fatal.”

“I think we all lie,” she assured after asking the same thing to Paul Motorcycles and he goes blank. Some viewers pointed out on Twitter – with very bad taste – how “unrecognizable” the actress is after supposedly having surgery.

Natalia Verbeke couldn’t stop laughing, even before the host of ‘The Anthill’ asked her if she, like her son in fiction, had fallen in love with a teacher as a teenager: «Look, I fell madly in love with my gym teacher. That was a thing… An Adonis… A man like that…». The actress was clearly not telling the truth. “It was pathetic! I was missing the screenwriter! »Said the actress, who minutes later began to speak with an Argentine accent to confess that, out of revenge, she had punctured the wheel of a companion’s bicycle. «If I have to talk about my childhood, I have to do it in Argentine; You already know that I was born in Buenos Aires,” he explained.

The excitement of the actress did not leave some viewers indifferent, who spoke on Twitter:

The actress, paradoxically, said that she laughs in moments of pain. “It’s my way of dealing with pain… Like clowns!” he explained with a laugh. Verbeke He also confessed that he had learned to clean the bathroom during confinement. “I didn’t know how to clean the bathroom,” he admitted. Verbeke to his partner Maribel Verdú. “Oh, don’t look at me like that!” Verbeke told Motos.

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