The Catalan Generalitat does not want a candidacy for the 2030 Olympics on equal terms with Aragon




The Generalitat de Catalunya does not want to hear or talk about a joint candidacy with Aragon for the 2030 Winter Olympics. This was made clear, this Tuesday, by the spokeswoman for the Catalan Government, Patricia Plaja, by pointing out that the sports proposal is “promoted and led” from Catalonia, colliding in this way with the words pronounced today by Alexander White, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), who has met with Javier Lamban, President of the Government of Aragon.

«This is a candidacy promoted and led from Catalonia», Plaja said, in line with what the Catalan Presidency Minister, Laura Vilagrà, said on Friday, announcing that the Generalitat will convene a consultation in six Pyrenean counties, which make up the region of the High Pyrenees Arán, to find out if the citizens they want, or not (like the former regional president Quim Torra), the celebration of a world event, with the corresponding economic impact, such as a Winter Olympics.

Asked by the journalists, in the press conference after the meeting of the Catalan Government, Plaja has reiterated that the candidacy of the sporting event for 2030 will be made under the leadership of the Generalitat, For this reason, it has rejected that it be carried out on equal terms between the Catalan and Aragonese Executives. Vilagrà, last week, pointed out that in Aragon, or even in France, some sporting discipline could be carried out, but always in a subsidiary way.

In this way, the Generalitat has responded to Blanco and Lambán who met in Zaragoza this Tuesday to reiterate that the Spanish candidacy for the 2030 Olympics it will be on the “equal” footing of Aragon and Catalonia. An idea of ​​the Olympic offer that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, already made clear in September. Plaja, manifestly uncomfortable with the questions about the 2030 Olympics, has qualified Blanco’s statements as “on behalf” and he has said that he does “respect” the statements “of whoever.”

To deal with this specific matter, but not only (they will also deal with the management of the Next Generation funds and the fight against Covid-19, according to Plaja), Lambán and Pere Aragonès, president of the Generalitat, will meet this Friday, January 28 . “It is not a specific meeting to deal with a single issue,” Plaja has warned, who has contextualized the meeting within the framework of the meetings that Aragonès holds with neighboring “territories” of Catalonia, such as the meetings already held with the autonomous presidents of the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, for example.

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