The Government downplays the absence of Sánchez in the meeting of the allies with Biden




The Government downplays the absence of Pedro Sánchez in the videoconference that he held on Monday night (Spanish time) Joe Biden with the main allies and those involved in the crisis in Russia and Ukraine. The day after the meeting, and in the usual press conference after the Council of Ministers, the spokesperson for the Executive, Elizabeth Rodriguez, answered questions from informants on the matter on Tuesday, arguing that the telematic meeting was already set between the US president and representatives of both NATO and the European Commission, as well as members of the G- 7 which are also from the European Union, in the case of Germany, France and Italy. “Various people representing international organizations were invited to that meeting, and therefore we feel represented at the moment in which the president of the EC participates in that meeting. [Ursula Von der Leyen] and Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Germany also participate as representatives of the G-7 within the Union.

France and Germany also do it in the Normandy format [un grupo diplomático junto a Rusia y Ucrania para resolver el conflicto entre estos dos países] and Poland, which holds the chairmanship of the OSCE [Organización para la Seguridad y la Cooperación en Europa]. Our country participates in all these bodies» Rodríguez concluded.

Not even the condition of hosting the summit of the Atlantic Alliance that will take place next June in Madrid made possible the presence of Sánchez at the meeting. At all times, Rodríguez – who was demonstrating hours before the appearance in the Congress of Deputies of the head of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, on the Ukrainian crisis – called for “prudence” and “restraint” in dealing with a matter, he repeatedly said, of “maximum importance”. Along these lines, the spokeswoman for the Executive avoided replying to a message on social networks from the Russian Embassy in Madrid critical of the Spanish Government. In addition, also avoided any kind of clash with his partner, United We Can, which this same Monday affirmed that the position of the socialist part of the Government had changed (for the better, in the opinion of the purple formation) on the budding conflict in Eastern Europe.

In a generic way, the also Minister of Territorial Policy affirmed that “Spain is a country of peace”, while referring to the need for both “international legality”, the “diplomatic solution” and the need to “prevail deterrence”. All aspects, he argued, in which there is “unity” between the US and the main EU countries. «Spain works for peace through diplomatic action», stated Rodríguez by way of summary.

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