The Honduran Congress elects two presidents days before the investiture of Xiomara Castro

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The Honduran Congress has two presidents, three days before the inauguration of Xiomara Castro, elected president of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party. The situation has caused a new crisis in the Central American country that held its elections on November 28. The instability worsened after the board of directors headed by Jorge Cálix was ratified in a social club on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, due to Castro supporters protesting around Congress.

Days before, 20 deputies from the Free Party rebelled against the alliance crafted by Castro and the candidate Salvador Nasralla of the Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH), in which Redondo was appointed as president of the congressional board of directors.

With the vote of the 20 rebel deputies and the support of 44 votes from the National Party, of former president Juan Orlando Hernández, Jorge Cálix was elected, who does not have the approval of the president or his alliance.

While Cálix was ratified, in Tegucigalpa Redondo was chosen, which has caused the existence of two parallel congresses. «I recognize the presidency of Congress headed by deputy Luis Redondo, I invite him to my swearing-in with the people on January 27. I congratulate the deputies (or) who reject 12 years of corruption networks of “Joh” (Juan Orlando Hernández): on my way to greet them at the CN (National Congress) We won! », Castro indicated through Twitter.

Castro accused the dissidents of treason and expelled them from his party. Cálix’s election culminated in a violent confrontation, with beatings, water bags and insults.

“The absence of the 20 deputies is the omen of a counterrevolutionary betrayal of the party and the Honduran people that defeated the nationalist drug dictatorship on Sunday, November 28, and a betrayal of the political project of refounding the country by trying to impose the plan of the corrupt elite led by Juan Orlando Hernández,” Castro read on January 21.

The current political climate in the country contrasts with that of the day of the elections, in which Castro was elected. Hondurans placed their hopes, after more than a decade of political crisis and a government headed by Hernández with corruption scandals and drug trafficking accusations. Honduras has been plagued by violence and poverty, after the effects caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota in 2020. The humanitarian crisis was mixed with the covid-19 pandemic, exacerbating the situation of thousands of Hondurans who have undertaken dangerous routes to the United States.

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