The judge disqualifies the mayor of Alcorcón for five years for liquidating a public company




Serious setback for the current mayor of Alcorcón, Natalia de Andres, after making public the decision of the head of the commercial court number 6 of Madrid to disqualify the socialist leader for a period of five years to administer and manage third-party assets of public or private ownership, represent or manage any public or private person and exercise trade or be in charge or administrative or economic intervention in commercial or industrial companies.

The reason is none other than its active participation in the property damage of the Municipal Real Estate Management Company of Alcorcón, Emgiasa (in bankruptcy), during the mandate of Enrique Cascallana, which the ruling also disables for a period of up to 10 years.

De Andrés, along with eight other people from the then local government, including the former mayor, was part of the entity’s board of directors.

The magistrate emphasizes two actions carried out by those now convicted that caused the insolvency of the aforementioned public company. On the one hand, the accounting irregularities in a distribution of dividends, as these are totally or partially supported by non-existent net profits. It should be remembered that at that time, the Emgiasa board of directors approved the distribution of dividends to the sole shareholder (Alcorcón City Council) charged to 2009 profits and charged to reserves for a total amount of 17,500,354 euros. And this, despite the fact that the result of the year provided did not square with the reality of the company, with losses of up to 11,737,020 euros instead of the 19,433,383 euros of profit reflected in the accounts.

In addition, the owner of the mercantile matters recalls the bankruptcy credit held by the City Council against Emgiasa, the result of a new distribution of dividends charged to the profit of 2010 (for an amount of 15 million euros, also supported in unreal profits), which the company was unable to undertake due to its ruinous management. For all these reasons, the Provincial Court has already sentenced the Consistory to return 15 million euros, plus another 5 in legal interest.

The second of the episodes reflected is the formalization and partial execution of the public works concession contract, related to the so-called Center for the Creation of the Arts of Alcorcón (CREAA). The judge recalls that Emgiasa assumed the commitment to build the complex with an initial budget of 104 million euros, within a project lacking an examination of the economic and financial viability of the activity and, therefore, a business plan. to recover the investment throughout the concession term.

In the sentence, to which ABC has had access, Natalia de Andrés and Enrique Cascallana have not been the only ones disqualified. The magistrate has done the for a period of three years with José Jiménez Nistal, who was General Director of Heritage and Contracting of the City Council; Tatiana Ercolanese Muñoz, who held the Department of Health and Consumption; Salomón Matías Matías, former Councilor for Security until 2011; Antonio Elviro Arroyo, Manuel Lumbreras and Francisco Siles Tello, former socialist leaders; and Adela Otero Juidiaz, then in IU.

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