The most fashionable destination in the world is Spanish, according to TripAdvisor



Lists are always a source of inspiration, often reflecting a trend. At the beginning of the year we met two of the most popular, that of the New York Times, which chose El Hierro and the Cíes Islands among its 52 proposals of the year, or that of Lonely Planet. Now we get some of the top 2022 TripAdvisor (Traveller’s Choice), made from the comments of its users.

Two of those top destinations are trendy and the most popular. And the result in the first case shows a pleasant surprise: Mallorca occupies the first position, which reflects that its attractiveness in international markets remains intact after two years of the pandemic.

The representatives of the island have stood out in Fitur your MICE offer, with three hundred facilities specifically prepared for business tourism, and a commitment to sustainability, with the creation of a Sustainable Tourism Observatory, a project that will be fully operational in March.

As for the capital, it is now a decade since it began to seek its own prominence, as a family destination open all year round. In this decade they have improved the hotel plant, which -in general terms- has gone from three to four stars, with new openings (there will be five in 2022), and they have focused on transforming mansions or country houses into charming hotels.

In addition, from Mallorca another Balearic island, Ibiza, is listed in the top 10. Until now, Ibiza has been considered as “one of the favorite nightlife resorts in Europe”, according to the definition of TripAdvisor. However, this island is also looking for new market niches. An example: on October 6th it will host the 4th Congress of Tourism and Sustainable Development. Another could be your cultural events: Festival Sueños de Libertad (pop-rock), Ibiza Jazz Festival, Ibiza Bloop Festival (proactive and urban art), Ibiza Light Festival (Monday video art and design) and Territori Ibiza Performance Art Festival.

Top 22 de TripAdvisor

1. Majorca, Balearic Islands. 2. Cairo, Egypt. 3. Rhodes, Greece. 4. Tulum, Mexico. 5. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 6. Ibiza. 7. Christmas, Brazil. 8. Arusha, Tanzania. 9. Gorem, Turkey. 10. Santorini, Cyclades Islands. 11.
Paraty, Brazil. 12. Aruba. 13. Split, Croatia. 14. Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 15. Island of Hawaii, Hawaii. 16. Luxor, Egypt. 17.
Dominican Republic. 18. Charleston, South Carolina. 19. island of Saint Martin. 20. North Male Atoll. 21. Zanzibar. 22. The Fortune of San Carlos, Costa Rica.

popular destinations

The ranking of popular destinations is headed by Dubai, where the first World Expo in the Middle East is taking place. The top 10 is completed by London, Cancun (Mexico), Bali (Indonesia), Crete (Greece), Rome, Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Istanbul, Paris and Hurghada (Egypt). The most outstanding Spanish destinations in this section are Barcelona, ​​in eleventh position, and Tenerife (13).

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