The PSOE and its partners prevent Garzón and Ribera from appearing for meat and for light




As expected and as usual, the PSOE, United We Can and his parliamentary partners have practiced this Tuesday a roller on the requests for urgent appearance raised by the opposition. Today met the Permanent Delegation of Congress to decide whether to call a total of eight ministers to appear this last week of January, given that this is a non-working month and no plenary sessions have been held.

Of the eight requests to appear, the parties that make up the government of the coalition and its allies have only supported that of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, who had already asked to go to the Lower House of his own free will. In fact, the session Health Commission for his assistance, which will be held this Thursday, was already convened before the Permanent Delegation concluded.

As also requested by the Popular Parliamentary Group, Darias will give explanations on the evolution and management of the sixth wave of Covid-19, which has registered the records of infections due to the expansion of the variant omicron.

However, the Executive, the nationalists and the independentists have frustrated with their votes that the other seven ministers claimed by the opposition parade through Congress this week. Among others, it included Nadia Calvin for the european funds recovery for the pandemic, but also other requests caused by controversies that have surrounded the Government in recent weeks.

The opposition demanded the appearance of Alberto Garzon and of louis planes for the controversial words of the former in ‘The Guardian’, with which he assured that Spain was exporting poor quality meat from macrogranjas. Also, that of the Vice President and Minister of Energy Transition, Theresa Rivera, for the unfulfilled promise of Pedro Sanchez That the light it would cost the Spanish the same in 2021 as in 2018. And in addition, that of the head of Justice, Pilar Llop, for the non-appearance of the State Attorney in the open case against ‘process’ at Court of Auditors.

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Neither Garzón nor Planas will be held accountable this week in Congress, despite the initiative of PP, citizens (Cs) and Vox after Garzón’s controversial statements in ‘The Guardian’. Although Planas has asked to appear in court Agriculture Commission, already entered February. “It should cease instantly”, the PP deputy has reproached Garzón Miracles Marcos Ortega, who also asks for the same thing for Planas because “it took him ten days to come out and deny it.” Ricardo Chamorro (Vox) has gone further: “The entire Government should resign, they work against the interest of Spain.” and the deputy Maria del Carmen Martinez, of Cs, has lamented that Garzón dedicates himself to “criminalizing sectors” from his ministry instead of “proposing initiatives.”

Mertxe Aizpurúa, spokesman for eh Bildu, has reduced the controversy to “dust” and “hoax” of the right and has rejected it. Mikel Legarda (PNV), the same because it considers it “an artificial policy”, “electoralist” and that “it is not urgent”. Joan Baldoví (Commitment) has also voted against because he sees it as a “paper” from the PP. sofia castanon, deputy spokesperson for United We Can, has insisted again that it is “a hoax” by the opposition. The PSOE deputy Jose Enrique MartinezCuriously, he has said that Garzón’s words “were taken out of context” and that the popular only want to “twitch”. But a couple of weeks ago the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and Planas himself disavowed Garzón for his statements.

The popular William Marshal, in his speech to demand the presence of Ribera, has charged against Sánchez’s “lie” by promising that the cost of electricity last year would be equal to that of 2018, but has also requested the appearance of the minister for the controversial position of the Government, which refuses to assimilate in the green taxonomy the gas and the nuclear energy, as stated by the European Comission. Mikel Legarda, from the PNV, has conceded that the matter deserves explanations, but has said that they are not urgent enough to call a session in “the last four days” of the month. Mireia Borras (vox) and Maria del Carmen Martinez (Citizens) have supported the initiative, rejected by Lucia Munoz (United We Can) and Alexander Soler (PSOE).

More bloody has been the debate on the position of the State Attorney in the open case against the ‘procés’ in the Court of Accounts, which pursues the criminal responsibility of the embezzlement judged in the supreme court. Carlos Rojas, of the PP, has asserted that it is “one more step in Mr. Sánchez’s surrender to the independence movement”, a diagnosis shared by Edmund Ball (Cs) and by Macarena Olona (Vox). Francis Aranda (PSOE) and Aina Vidal (Together We Can) have accused the right-wing of “getting in the way” and “wasting time”, but it was the intervention of the independentista Miriam Nogueras, spokesman for Together, the one that has tense the atmosphere.

With his usual dialectic, Nogueras has repeatedly accused the Court of Accounts of being “Francoist” and of being run by “politicized characters.” A few words that have provoked the protests of PP, Vox and Cs, with the president of Congress, the socialist Meritxell Batet, calling to order. When Nogueras’ intervention ended, Batet asked her to withdraw the term “Francoist”, to which she responded in Catalan, a persecuted language according to her, that she did not intend to do so. The third authority of the State, then, has decided that the word «Francoist» insistently repeated by Nogueras to refer to a state institution should not be included in the minutes.

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