The UBU will have a university campus in Aranda de Duero




Aranda de Duero is closer to becoming a campus of the University of Burgos (UBU), after establishing the ‘Virgen de las Viñas’ civic center as the future university headquarters, within the framework of a meeting held between members of the rectoral team of the UBU and the government team of the City of Aranda.

In the aforementioned meeting, held at the request of the Arandina Municipal Corporation, the rector Manuel Pérez Mateos participated; the vice-rector for Teaching and Digital Teaching, Begoña Prieto; the vice-rector for Business Relations and Resilience, Gonzalo Salazar; the mayor of Aranda de Duero, Raquel González Benito; the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture and Business Initiatives, Youth and Celebrations, Emilio Berzosa, and the Councilor for Education, Social Action and Equal Opportunities, Cristina Valderas.

The old municipal school Virgen de las Viñas, today converted into a civic center, It will be the building that would house, according to the offer made by the Arandina mayor, the training offer of the University of Burgos in the riverside capital, which is proposed in two ways, according to university sources.

On the one hand, the proposal made by the UBU goes through the creation of a Lifelong Training School, which has as one of its objectives the retention of talent in the city and in its region. It would teach degrees from the University of Burgos adapted to the needs of local companies, whose practices would be developed in the Arandino business fabric.

Courses related to Logistics, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Robotics, Strategic Planning and the Internet of Things (IOT), some of which the UBU already offers while others will be implemented in the immediate future, would make up the teaching catalog of this School of Lifelong Learning , reports Ical.

The second aspect outlined in this meeting between the University of Burgos and the City Council of Aranda goes through the programming of official university degrees in the fields of Agrifood and Health Sciences, which would be linked to the start-up of the new regional hospital of the Arandina capital, whose tender by Sacyl is expected “shortly”, they pointed out.

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