The veterinarians of Castilla-La Mancha guarantee the well-being of the more than 7.5 million production animals




After the controversy over the statements of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, the Toledo Veterinary College has assured in a statement that its professionals from Castilla-La Mancha guarantee the animal welfare of the more than 7.5 million production animals of the region, a work “basic and fundamental to ensure the quality of the products that we find on our tables,” explains Diego Salgado Müller, head of the Technical Section of the College of Veterinarians of Toledo.

On the one hand, “all farms and slaughterhouses are subject to daily inspections and periodic audits, carried out by veterinarians to obtain animal welfare certifications.” On the other, “we cannot forget that the animal production model in Spain is adapted to European and national animal welfare regulations, one of the most demanding in the world.”

Animal welfare, he adds, also includes the transport of livestock. “The entire supply chain is connected, so the joint work of veterinarians, farmers and other operators in the sector is essential to guarantee healthy, quality food that complies with good animal welfare practices,” he explains.

Food safety

In terms of food safety, “veterinarians supervise all phases of the production chain,” says Salgado, “since we are present from feeding the animals -with strict health controls in the feed factories- to the distribution of products , going through the farms, the transport, the slaughterhouse or the industry».

In addition, “we control and manage the possible emergence of diseases at the source through health plans adapted to each farm and we supervise the entire food traceability and traceability system, which allows us to track the products throughout the whole chain.

Veterinarians, “although many people do not know it, are also behind the inspection and supervision of food, from a sales establishment such as a store, a supermarket or through rigorous controls in restaurants,” Salgado concludes.

The work carried out by veterinarians in terms of food safety is decisive within the Spanish health system, since there are no dividing lines between the health of animals, people and the environment, since we all live together under the ‘One health’ paradigm.

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