Universities – Senate and ÖH want uniform 2G regulation

The senate chairmen of the Austrian universities are calling for a nationwide uniform 2G regulation for all university members. In a broadcast, they unanimously ask the University Conference (uniko) and Education Minister Martin Polaschek (ÖVP) to agree on such a requirement. At the same time, however, this must also take into account the interests of international students. This is supported by the Austrian National Union of Students (ÖH).

Unis decides autonomously

The universities currently regulate the requirements for attending face-to-face events and for working at the universities differently. At the University of Klagenfurt, for example, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered have access (2G), the University of Economics and Business (WU) requires 2G proof to be mandatory for future new hires. Other universities, in turn, refer to the general 3G regulation (vaccinated, recovered, tested) for the workplace and reject stricter rules. Due to their autonomy, the universities basically have a free hand in these questions.

That should remain the case, emphasized the spokesman for the Senate, Gernot Kubin, to the APA. Polaschek could act as a kind of “catalyst” on this issue. At the universities themselves, the rectorates can make decisions about house rules, for example.

time for a decision

Currently, even at the same university, different requirements sometimes apply depending on the course or setting, said Kubin. “It makes life difficult.” The processes for a uniform rule are running – but it is now time for a decision. “The compulsory vaccination begins in February, and the next semester is already just around the corner.” The topic is already being discussed at uniko itself, but no decision has yet been made.

In Kubin’s opinion, however, the international students must be taken into account. Many people from Southeast Europe, for example, have been immunized with a vaccine that is not approved in Austria. In certain situations, for example, a test requirement could also apply to them – anyone who has been resident here for a longer period of time is required to be vaccinated anyway, according to Kubin. A solution to this question must also be discussed with the Ministry of Health.

The senates are supported by the ÖH. However, a missing vaccination should not lead to the exmatriculation of students, but only to a leave of absence, the APA said. (apa)


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