University of Kassel cleared after bomb threat

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From: Jonas Raab

students at the University of Kassel. The campus had to be cleared on Monday evening. © picture alliance/dpa | Uwe Zucchi

Due to a bomb threat, the University of Kassel had to be evacuated. Obviously opponents of the Corona measures had written the mail.

Kassel – A macabre action shocked Kassel. Just a few hours after the killing spree at the University of Heidelberg*, the mailbox of the local editorial office received the HNA sent a bomb threat via email. Target of the alleged attack: the University of Kassel.

The Kassel City Council has been meeting since 4 p.m. on Monday (January 24) in a building at the University of Kassel. Then at 5.04 p.m. the bomb threat. Several pipe bombs and two large explosive devices were deposited in the campus center, according to the email to the HNA. The bombs would detonate at 6 p.m., it said.

Bomb threat at the University of Kassel: the police clear the building at lightning speed

The authorities acted with lightning speed. The university building was already cleared at 5.15 p.m.*, how reported. According to a police spokesman, no explosives were found during the subsequent search. The mission has now ended.

According to the police, the threatening email was sent to a “large distributor”. The police will now investigate against the unknown sender. The spokesman did not give any further details.

University of Kassel: Lateral thinkers send threatening emails and declare “war”

As explained, the threatening email seems to come from the lateral thinker milieu* or to have been written by opponents of the Corona measures*. Accordingly, the sender explained: “Mask requirement, test mania, compulsory vaccination! You have declared war on the people. You can have the war.”

While the bomb threat in Kassel turned out to be a bluff, more and more terrible details about the rampage in Heidelberg* are coming to light. (yeah/dpa) * and are offers from IPPEN-MEDIA

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