US President Biden obscenely insults journalists

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The press conference was already over when US President Joe Biden started ranting – in a rather vulgar way. Only then did he realize that everyone had been listening.

Washington, DC – US President Joe Biden* is known for the fact that he likes to express himself in colloquial language – and also repeatedly makes verbal interruptions. However, he always wanted to show respect to journalists, he emphasized at the beginning of his term in office and drilled this into his employees. Biden deliberately wanted to differentiate himself from his predecessor Donald Trump *, who had repeatedly attacked journalists openly.

A particularly persistent journalist from the US broadcaster Fox News, Peter Doocy, apparently infuriated the US President so much on Monday that Biden vulgarly insulted him – only apparently unheard. Doocy works as a correspondent in the White House and likes to ask the US President quite provocative questions. His employer Fox News is known for its extremely critical reporting on Biden and used to be Trump’s favorite broadcaster*.

US President Joe Biden vulgarly insults journalists: That’s how it happened

On Monday, Doocy asked the President one last question as he was about to leave the room: The reporter wanted to know if high inflation in the US could hurt his Democratic Party in November’s midterm elections. “No, it’s a great plus, more inflation,” said Biden, still at his desk, sarcastically at first. Then he murmured in a low voice “stupid son of a bitch”, literally translated as “stupid son of a bitch”. However, “son of a bitch” is considered a less offensive insult in the US than the literal translation “son of a bitch” – “what a stupid bastard” might be a more appropriate translation.

However, the mic on the podium was still on, so Biden’s insult was loud and clear. Doocy reacted relaxed to the President’s statement. “Nobody’s fact-checked him yet and said that’s not true,” he said, smiling on Fox News. The reporter also reported that the President called him and apologized, saying, “It’s nothing personal, mate.”

Bizarre: Joe Biden’s insult is now in the official record

The White House seemed to stand by Biden’s remark: it was recorded in the official transcript of the press conference – and thus entered official history. “It gives the whole thing that certain something,” commented the correspondent of the New York Times, Katie Rogers, on Twitter. However, there were similar faux pas in the German federal election campaign.

During his tenure, Joe Biden has repeatedly irritated his people with bizarre remarks – some of his anecdotes even seem to have been completely fabricated.* However, the whole thing is likely to be just one of Joe Biden’s minor problems: A year after taking office, his balance sheet is disappointing – and Donald Trump is already waiting to return. (dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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